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3 gadgets that promote better sleep

We’re accustomed to putting our gadgets down when it’s time to get some zees. But some technology in the bedroom is actually designed to promote better sleep.

According to one US study, commissioned by Eight Sleep and conducted by OnePoll, six in 10 Americans rely on technology as a sleep aid.

If you want technology that enhances the quality of your sleep, start researching these clever items.

Electric throw blankets

Electric bedding technology is decades-old but vastly improved. 

One of the best electronic bedding products to aid sleep today is an electric throw blanket. Ordinarily, electric throw blanket products also feature hand-held controllers, so you can adjust your throw’s temperature to your liking.

When choosing between temperature-controlled throws, pay attention to the temperature setting range. The wider the range, the better you can adjust the throw’s temperature.

Also be aware of the time it takes to heat your throw. Make sure it has safety-timer features and check how washing machine-friendly it is.

If you’re a digital-savvy sleeper, you might also be pleased to know that the latest electric throws are designed with Wi-Fi capabilities, so you can control your blanket’s temperature with your mobile phone.


Sleepbuds are wireless earbuds that play relaxing sounds — such as ambient nature sounds — to lull you into sleep. You could say they are the close cousin of earbuds and headphones, but there are important differences.

By design, sleepbuds won’t allow you to take calls or listen to your music streaming services. After all, they’re intended to stifle the triggers of sleeplessness. The appeal of sleepbuds is that they support you to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

To choose high quality sleepbuds, there are a few features to keep in mind.

Ensure you choose a set that fits comfortably in your ears during extended use. Make sure yours effectively mask external noises, have long battery life, and deliver high-fidelity audio.

Keep in mind that modern sleepbuds are a step up from earlier versions. The latest models feature advanced noise-cancellation technology that blocks out external sounds more effectively. You can charge them wirelessly, control them through a companion app, enjoy their considerably longer battery life, and automate them so your audio fades when you drift off.

Smart pillows 

The notion of gadgetry inside your pillow might sound antithetical to comfortable sleeping, but the best smart pillows actually feel like pure cushiony bliss.

Smart pillows are designed with a range of interior electronic elements that enhance the quality of your sleep.

Some people rely on smart pillows for biofeedback. The pillows’ interior sensors track your sleep patterns, body temperature, snoring, and more. You can check this data in your pillow’s companion app to learn how to improve your sleep quality.

Modern smart pillows also feature temperature adjustment, lighting control, Bluetooth music playing, snore prevention (your pillow gently vibrates when your snoring reaches a certain volume, encouraging you to shift positions), and voice-control.

Technology continues to create challenges for sleep health but it’s heartening to know it offers great solutions too.