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River Torrens Walk

With a few clouds gathering and light rain threatening early on Tuesday morning March 20th, Members of the Tea Tree Probus Club Trail Blazers met for a walk along the City River Torrens Trail.

The sky brightened and the weather was perfect as members gathered at the Elder Park Rotunda, and made their way along the southern bank past the Festival Centre (currently being renovated), the Convention Centre, school rowing sheds, and under the Morphett Street Bridge opened in 1877, to eventually cross the Torrens Weir, built in 1880 to dam the river and form a lake. 

The Motor Launch Pop Eye was taking passengers on a leisurely cruise on the Torrens River with the fountain glistening in the background.

So much to see.........and on past the 3 par golf course and Red Ochre Restaurant while following on the northern side along Memorial Drive through Possum Park (Piritawardli), where the sign read “Do Not Touch the Dead Bats and Flying Foxes”. Luckily we didn’t encounter either!

The cafe at the rear of the Library on North Terrace helped us find the 239 calories we lost during the one our walk of 4.15 km.

Members were happy to welcome Chris, a new Probian-In-Waiting to our walking ranks on the day. The Club encourages members and visitors to come along and participate like Chris to help keep active and have fun when next they meet on April 17th to walk Linear Park, Paradise.