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Payneham Probus Club members learn about orchids

During the morning tea breaks at monthly meetings of the Payneham Probus Club, Richard Fishlock was given permission to conduct a group of interested members, to learn more about the best culture of their orchids.

Yes, cymbidium orchids were well known, and members present had basic knowledge on how to flower them.

But what about these orchids now coming into shopping centres called, Phalaenopsis or the ‘moth orchid’? They look spectacular but when do you remove the flower spike and more importantly, can you re flower them in your home? – or do you just throw them away and buy another one?

Richard Fishlock has four members in the Club that he calls his ‘apprentices’ who have been given some basic skills to re flower their plant, (at our monthly tea break meetings, progress reports are shared.)

As more members start purchasing or are given this orchid as a present, the interest is expected to increase.

Topics covered include recommended:

Size of pot, potting mix, repotting time and method, watering, fertilizing, and the special tips on getting the moth orchid to re flower, in their home.