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4 ways your smartphone can simplify your life

Most of us would agree there’s nothing more valuable than time. Time spent with family and friends. Time to relax, play, learn, travel or simply be in the moment. Unfortunately, it’s a commodity you can’t buy no matter how well you save.

What you can do is streamline everyday tasks and actions with some help from technology that’s right at your fingertips. Household appliances like dishwashers and robot vacuum cleaners are handy, but the very best of modern convenience is found in something far more portable – your mobile phone.

These days, countless clever applications (commonly abbreviated to just “apps”) turn your phone into the ultimate device for optimising almost every aspect of your life.

We now have access to a whole world of smartphone apps designed to make things easier. You’re probably familiar with famous ones such as instant messaging platforms like Messenger or WhatsApp and ridesharing services like Uber, but apps aren’t always about keeping in touch or going places. Apps exist for just about any purpose you can imagine. And most are free or inexpensive to download and join, if not already on your phone when you buy it. 

Do you want to find more time for the important things? Here are four ways your smartphone can simplify your life.


You don’t always have the time or energy to attend appointments or finish various jobs. But you do always have access to the apps that quickly connect you to people able to assist.

Consider talking to an online medical professional about non-serious health concerns and get scripts, referrals or medical certificates without leaving home using the Doctors on Demand app.

Outsource chores such as cleaning, gardening or picking up furniture to a local “gig worker” (online independent contractor) through a marketplace like Airtasker.

If it’s on your to-do list, chances are you can get it done faster with a trusted app.


Speaking of to-do lists, do you sometimes struggle keeping track of yours?

Digital organiser apps like Microsoft To Do (formerly Wunderlist) and Todoist help you manage miscellaneous tasks and deadlines – like paying a bill – in one place. This eliminates the need for all those post-it notes around the house, scribbles in your diary and confusing sub-folders on your computer.


Money might make the world go round, but managing it can drive you mad. Thankfully, money management apps have popped up all over the place.

Set up a digital wallet with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay for smooth and secure electronic transactions, contactless payments, online shopping, storing rewards points and organising personal information on your phone.

Online banking apps – for example, the CommBank app if you’re with Commonwealth Bank – allow you to view and transfer funds instead of having to wait in line at the bank.

Other finance-based apps assist you with buying, selling, investing, budgeting and plenty more. For example, Pocketbook syncs with your bank account to automatically track and categorise your spending, while Cash App lets you instantly send money to people you know – perfect for sorting out those split bill situations at restaurants.


The global transition from print to digital media has changed the way we read and absorb information. For those who like to follow the news and stay informed on specific topics of interest, it can be hard not to drown in an endless sea of content.

That’s why you need apps to help curate what you see and store. For example, Pocket makes it easy to discover and save only personalised content, which you can then return to anytime using any device with the app.

Another option is Flipboard, which creates ‘Cover Stories’ (mini digital magazines) based on all your favourite topics from animals to politics and everything in between.