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Home gadgets that take the effort out of cleaning

Nobody wants to spend their time and energy doing household chores when they could be enjoying everything else life has to offer. Thankfully there are products to help carry out everyday maintenance tasks at home.

And these days technology like wireless robot vacuums and mops, robotic window cleaners, air purifiers, and even self-cleaning litter boxes make it easier than ever to keep your home clean and tidy. Let’s take a closer look at these smart home gadgets that take the effort out of cleaning.


Robot vacuums and mops offer a simple, hands-free alternative to the strenuous floor cleaning you’re used to with traditional upright, bagless, handheld and stick appliances. All you have to do is charge the device and send it on its way. A robot vacuum knows the difference between the various rooms in your house and adapts accordingly. It reaches into corners, under furniture, and across every section of floor space. In fact, you don’t even need to be home while it’s operating.

Features of this technology can include cameras to identify objects, virtual boundaries, and the ability to be monitored and controlled via an app on your smartphone. You can also switch to manual drive as desired. High-end hybrid robots can vacuum and mop your floors before emptying their own dustbin once the job is done.


Like the vacuums and mops, a robotic window cleaner will help you keep the windows of your home sparkling clean at the push of a button. These products typically use a powerful vacuum system with suction force to stick to the glass at the right pressure, as well as a spraying mechanism and special window detergent. They employ accurate sensors and powerful processors to calculate a cleaning path and rotate across the window, removing grime and dust while simultaneously identifying window edges. In addition to glass, robotic window cleaners can be used on multiple surfaces such as tiles, marble and walls.  


Research indicates that filtering the air can help remove harmful particles – think mould, smoke and allergens – from an indoor space. What can an air purifier actually do? Depending on the make and model, it may be able to lighten the allergen load, filter harmful chemicals, reduce dust and pet dander, remove mould spores from the air, and potentially even provide a layer of protection against the spread of airborne disease. Air purifiers might also relieve the symptoms of asthma.


Imagine no more scooping! A self-cleaning litter box uses built-in sensors to immediately detect when a cat has visited, then automatically trigger the clean-up process after it leaves. These products generally work by separating solid waste from clean litter and depositing it in a separate waste drawer or bag. The system might also dispense a fresh fragrance once the cat has done its business. And by cleaning the tray immediately, a clever litter box can eliminate odour, reduce litter spoilage and cut down overall litter usage. At the higher end of the scale, some self-cleaning litter boxes can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, which also provides notifications about your cat’s use of the litter tray.