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Probus Club of Tea Tree Gully Outing

After meeting and gathering in the foyer of the Capri Theatre at Goodwood, 25 members of the Probus Club of Tea Tree Gully were warmly welcomed by their tour host Ross. 

Members enjoyed morning tea in the beautifully decorated and restored “Art-Deco Moderne” style building before ascending the carpeted, elegant staircase to learn and see more of the gorgeous theatre which was designed by architect Chris Smith for owner Dan Clifford, and was opened in October 1941. The style of the building and decorations is circular based so that mirrors, seating, windows, patterned carpet (throughout the building), ceiling lights and wall lights, plaster designs and ticket boxes all complement one another. Adding to the portrayal of an elegant era are the restored powder rooms for the ladies of the day, while the Candy Bar in the foyer also adds a feeling of a time gone by.

Upstairs the velvet curtains, Art Deco cut glass windows, wooden Venetians blinds, furniture, lighting, and mirrors add to the luxurious lovely lounge area which leads to the seating now accommodating 755, but in 1941 held 1,472 seats.  Prices then were 1/- for stalls, 1/9 back stalls and 2/4 for the lounge. Restoration throughout the theatre has been aided by the use of valuable old photos.

While sitting in the comfortable seats upstairs host Ross explained about the purchase and installation of the Wurlitzer pipe organ in 1983, while organist John demonstrated the many aspects of the amazing and famous instrument, which is unique in the world for a theatre organ. There are over 2,100 pipes which vary in length from one foot to sixteen feet in length. From 1890 - 1920 movies were silent so pianos, bands, orchestras and pipe organs were used to accompany movies in the lovely old theatres. With the advent of sound, later television, and then modern technology, many old theatres have closed, and so we are very lucky (due to the hard work of many volunteers) to still have in Adelaide such a beautiful old restored building housing the famous and unique Wurlitzer organ.

After Probus President Dean thanked host Ross and the Clubs Activities Officer Joan for such an interesting and informative morning, members all moved to the Goodwood Hotel for a lovely meal. Members expressed their thanks to Joan the Activities Officer for arranging such a wonderful day of Fellowship, Friendship, and Fun.