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Club history

Following a Committee meeting on 7th November 1985, the first general meeting of the Probus Club of Healesville was held on the following Thursday at 10.00am at the Park Drive Restaurant on Maroondah Highway. Twenty-four members attended with three apologies tendered.

Mr. Ron Goding from the Healesville Rotary Club presented the President’s collar and badge to Gordon Wilson. The following office bearers were elected:

Vice President: Jack Murray

Hon. Treasurer: Stan Mottram

Speakers co-ordinator: Alan Taylor

It was decided that the regular meeting day would be the second Thursday in each month.

The Ladies Club of Healesville was also founded on the same day.

The meeting on 12th December 1985 agreed to make the Park Drive Restaurant its permanent venue, as well as to investigate Incorporation of the club “for the protection of its members”. Its speaker that day (the first for the club) was Bob Haynes from Hills Industries who spoke on “TV Reception Problems in Mountain Areas”, stressing that “even leaves on trees … can change reception in certain areas. Our problems will not reduce with the introduction of UHF”.

Additional Committee members appointed were:

Hon. Secretary: Alan Devlin

Bulletin/Publicity Officer: Ken Robinson

Members: R. Burgess, K. Kelsey, A. Daws, L. Humphries and F. Tudgey

At its April 1987 meeting, one of the members presented the club with a wall plaque of the Probus insignia to be hung in the Park Drive Restaurant and also arranged for the Probus sign to be moved to a more conspicuous position above the Tourist map adjacent to the Post Office.

A steady increase of members over the years saw the Club grow to over 60, with 11 new members joining in 2004, the largest annual increase to date. Current membership is 50.

The Men’s Club joined the Ladies Club in a joint celebration of their 30th birthdays on 8th October 2015 at the Yering Meadows Golf Club.