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About us

We are an ecclectic bunch from all walks of life. We have a wonderful sense of camerarderie with personalities on the spectrum from shy and quiet to confident and outgoing. Our age range is from 55ish to mid 90s, but to most of us age is just a number and none of us are slowing down anytime soon!

We currently have 79 active members. Not all of us partake in all of the club's activities. Of course anyone could do all of the activities on offer if they wanted to. Depending on what you like doing and how much time you have available you can pick and choose what suits you best. You might like regular board games and book clubs, or outings to the theatre, museums and galleries. Perhaps discovering new cafes and strolling around the botanic gardens is your thing. Even if you wanted to try your hand at parkour or abseiling down a cliff face somewhere, no doubt someone in the club would be more than happy to join you.