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Guest Speakers

Bob Chynoweth                               

5983 2232                                            

An important part of each monthly meeting is provided by a guest speaker, who usually addresses members for about 30 minutes, followed by Q&A. We try to cater for a broad range of interests, and recent themes have included local history, the abolition of slavery and development of television in Australia.   We also use the segment for educational topics such as Driving for Seniors and Landcare.  

Recently our speaker was the AFL great Robert Walls, who entertained us with anecdotes of his new life in France.  We have heard the saga of Burke & Wills and soon will learn about the fortifications around Westernport Bay in WW2.

Big Boys' Business

Ray McCutcheon                                  

5983 2092

This group provides opportunities for members to visit a diverse range of locations across the city. We have visited a foundry, the Metrol Train Control Centre, a train manufacturing plant and have held a meeting where we inspected bee hives and heard all about bee management. We have visited the Australia Post Mail Sorting Centre, a distillery, a water treatment plant, a motor museum, the Melbourne Shrine and have many other opportunities coming up including the MCG and the Kenworth truck facility in Bayswater. We have many more visits on our agenda and these will be rolled out over the rest of our Probus year. The composition of the group is not fixed. All members are invited to register for those outings that are of particular interest and we generally like to organise lunch at a bistro near the destination to provide a social setting for the participating members.

Wine Appreciation

Ron Deane                                           

5983 5842

The objective of this group is to allow members to learn about wine varieties and their development without it being a confronting experience.  Meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, participants will taste a panel of wines accompanied by cheese and biscuits, visit local wineries or perhaps have a meal together.   This group exists for wine appreciation and not wine drinking; enabling members to leave meetings under the legal limit.  There is a $20 joining fee and $5 cost per meeting to offset costs.     

Book Exchange

Dan Hourigan                                      

0407 754 774

Members are encouraged to bring books to the monthly meeting that they have enjoyed but would like to pass on to others.  The books should be undamaged and in good condition to be placed on a table by the notice board for other interested members to take and read.   

Morning Tea

Norm Dewar

5983 1690                                           

A Morning Tea is usually held each quarter at 10am on the Wednesday following the monthly meeting.  A different local cafe is selected each time and of course Members' partners are very welcome.  Please add your names to the Morning Tea sheet which is circulated at the each monthly meeting.  

Book Group A

Bill Schroder                                        

5983 5478

Bookclub A meets on the Tuesday before each Probus monthly meeting.  Members take turns in hosting the meeting at their homes with the nominator of the book chairing the meeting. Books selected in 2013 included Love in the Time of Cholera, The Kite Runner, All That I Am, Kings in Grass Castles, Catcher in the Rye, True History of the Kelly Gang, The Harp in the South and The Shipping News.

Book Group B

Dan Hourigan                                      

0407 754 774

A book discussion group of up to ten members meets at 7.30 pm on the second Tuesday of the month.  Books are provided free of charge by the Monash Public Library.  Members take turns to host an informal meeting at which, with a glass or two of red or white, another member leads the group discussion on the selected book.  A relaxed and enjoyable evening ends with a light supper around 10 pm.

Armchair Travel

Dan Hourigan                                      

0407 754 774

This is an occasional series of meetings at 2.00 pm on the first Friday of the month.  Members prepared to host a meeting might show videos, films or photos as a basis for discussion of a travelling experience here or overseas.  Members' partners are welcome and often attend.

Bikies Gang

Dennis Paskins                                    

5983 2952

The Bikies Gang draws together men with an interest in keeping fit by cycling.  Meeting monthly, normally on the third Wednesday, rides are mainly on paths in the local area occasionally starting at more distant locations.  We usually cover about 25 km with a riding time of 1½ hrs. and a stop for coffee.  Occasionally we join with another club and have a meal. A typical ride would be from Somers to Stony Point or McCrae to Rye along the foreshore.

Contract Bridge

Jay Nagl                                               

5983 2551


Bridge is a card game played by sets of four players made up of two competing partnerships. 

As beginners, we found the rules simple enough, but learning to optimize bidding contracts in a partnership, then playing the hand, stimulates your mind, memory and concentration.  Combined with the social interaction, we are engaging in an activity which the medical profession promotes for people in our age group. 

Our playing sessions are hosted rotationally at each others' homes every Monday, starting at 1:45 pm sharp and normally finishing around 5:30 pm.  Afternoon tea is routinely provided by the designated host of the week. 

If you are interested, please speak with one of our present regular players; Tony Duboudin, Jay Nagl, Warren Reedman, Vernon Tansley or John Wilkinson.

Long Trips

Brian Bailey                                         

0412 764 610

Each year, usually in March, a trip away is organised for our members.  For example, in 2013 a group of 51 people took a 7 day cruise out of Melbourne on the Carnival "Spirit" around Tasmania.  In 2014 a group of 41 people went on a 6 day coach tour visiting Swan Hill, Mildura & Bendigo.  In 2015 we will be taking a coach trip to Wangaratta and surrounding areas for a 6 day adventure. The cost for the trip will be around $920.  This includes all accommodation, most meals and entry to all the venues visited.

Money Matters

Roger James                                       

5983 2940

Money Matters usually meets on the Wednesday evening prior to the monthly Club meeting.  Its aim is two-fold:

1.To improve our knowledge and understanding of the Share Market; and

2. To improve our knowledge of how to save money.

It is a self help group, so members are scheduled to prepare and present a paper to the group on shares or money matters. Partners are most welcome to come and join in.

We do enjoy ourselves.  The cheese and wine assists.

We meet in members' homes unless our numbers are greater than the comfort limit - when a hall is utilised and often followed by a dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Armchair Entertainment

Ron Deane                                           

5983 5842

We get together on the Thursday before each Monthly Probus meeting to enjoy music, movies, video clips and other popular amusements.  Usually screen-based, the various offerings generate the sort of lively discussion you would expect from people with diverse views.  We rotate amongst members' homes and each person has the chance over the year to present something that particularly delights them.  The afternoon teas are universally appealling.  Anyone who likes good entertainment and fine company is most welcome.


Ron Deane                                           

5983 5842

Founded 17 years ago, the Choir began as a small group harmonising at the home of Bruce Margetts.  Our numbers fluctuate and at present we have some 20 members.  Ideally we would like to have more voices. Previous singing or musical experience is not needed; this is a wonderful way to learn another skill.  We are fortunate to have June Stickland as our accompanist.  Practice is held each Thursday evening at the Somers Community Hall in Camp Hill Road and we perform several times each year for groups such as the CWA, other Probus Clubs, the Somers Primary School Art Fair, Retirement homes and even sang at the AGM of a local bank.  Our repertoire ranges from Bach to the Beatles with the emphasis on songs that give us and, hopefully, our audiences, pleasure.  Some songs are sung in parts, others in unison and some give the opportunty for solo singing.  We sing because we find it enjoyable and stimulating!  Scientific studies have shown that singing reduces the levels of the stress-inducing hormone, cortisol and we invariably find ourselves relaxed and happy after practice or performances.  We also enjoy each other's company.

The Happy Snappers

Max Hem                                             

5983 5274

Our photography group, the 'Happy Snappers', usually meets on the second Monday of the month at 2:00 pm.

Our aim is to develop and improve our skills whilst enjoying the gentle art of photography. We are pursuing creative excellence.

The long term plan is to move towards a comprehensive understanding of digital camera and computer usage in creating photographic images to our satisfaction.

We have workshops on camera and computer technique.  Members show their work on a chosen topic in a monthly exhibition which may include an excursion and lunch at a chosen venue.

It is a great way to keep up with rapidly changing technology and to foster friendships.