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Since it was founded in September 1985, the Balnarring Men's Probus Club has been a force in developing social, intellectual and cultural links for men who are retired or semi-retired.   In doing this, we uphold the ideals of Rotary which led to the launching of the 'Probus' organisation in Australia in 1976.Our Club, like all others Probus clubs, is self-governing and operates under the umbrella of the parent Probus South Pacific. To reinforce the nature of the Probus organization, part of its charter states we are not, and should not be seen as, a fund raising body, unless select projects or activities are agreed by a majority decision of our members.

Our own Club almost didn't happen. Doug Coates, who was then an active Rotarian tells us: "The notion of a Men's Probus Club in Balnarring was nearly abandoned. We called the very first meeting at the Balnarring Hall on the 12th of July in 1985 to gauge interest. Only seventeen turned up, with the sponsoring Rotary Club of Hastings requiring a minimum of 20 men. Andy Adair, Julian Beaumont and I, as Rotary's promotional team, were disappointed, but decided to give it one more try and arranged a second meeting on the 27th of September 1985 - at Coolart in Somers. This time 27 eligible 'lads' turned up and another six recorded formal apologies and an intention to join. Julian Beaumont and I were ineligible as we were still working stiffs at the time." In the words of our foundation President, Eric Kings, who happily is still an engaged member: "The Club has thrived and gone from strength to strength ever since"

                                                   Members and partners at Warburton, March 2003

Other pages of this website outline a host of regular activities in which members participate.   In addition, there are popular annual events such as festive Christmas Luncheons and New Year barbecues at Coolart.  Our intellectual needs are nourished by many engaging guest speakers and subjects.

In short, the Club is a dynamic source of stimulation and enjoyment for its members.                        


For a more extensive history, spanning the first 25 years of the Club's existence, click on the following: