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Probus Club of Baulkham Hills Mixed Inc.

Baulkham Hills

The Probus Club of Baulkham Hills Mixed Incorporated is a meeting club of active retirees or semi retirees who wish to engage in social activities, keep active minds, expand their interests and enjoy outings and the fellowship of new friends.

The Club has a membership of  up to 120 and holds its monthly meeting at 1.30 pm on the first Thursday each month at Muirfield Golf Club, North Rocks.    Monthly meetings consist of business and a guest speaker when possible.

Primarily all club social events take place on Thursdays throughout the year.

1st Thursday Monthly   Monthly Meeting
2nd Thursday Monthly   Social Day Outing

3rd Thursday Monthly


Games Day

4th Thursday Monthly   Picnic / Walk
5th Thursday   Special Luncheon


Please feel free to  contact the Secretary for any further  information.   [email protected] 

Download a copy of the latest Bulletin from the Outings Page.


When possible events include overnights away, Christmas celebrations, Annual Barbecue, Theatre, Movies and an extended annual holiday.  The Probus ideal is to encourage "Fellowship, Friendship and Fun".

Membership requires regularly attending the monthly meeting.  It is desirable and strongly encouraged to be active both socially and in the running of the Club.  Club membership requires email access for newsletters and notifications.

WE WELCOME PROSPECTIVE ACTIVE MEMBERS to arrange with The Secretary to attend up to 3 meetings to familiarise themselves with the running of the Club.   It is required that members be active, attend events and contribute to the running of the Club.  The number of vacancies fluctuate from time to time.  New Membership cost is $50.


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