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Blacktown Probus Home and Away...

Normalcy Returning Lunch - November 30, 2021

2014-15 Committee Christmas Lunch

On October 28, we celebrated:




  Our Christmas in July 2013 was a day trip to Buttai Barn near Kurri Kurri, a most enjoyable venue for good food and excellent entertainment.

Blacktown Probus joined forces with Penrith South, Glenmore Park, South Creek members for 3 days in the Snowy Mountains.


IT WAS AN EARLY START on October 21 when Probus members from Blacktown, South Penrith and Glenmore Park Clubs made a daytrip to beautiful Mayfield Gardens near Oberon: 



 “CHRISTMAS IN JULY” is a good excuse for doing what northern hemisphere people do in December in the way of getting together for good food and company – a practice which, with both day trips and two-day tours, Blacktown Probus members are happy to observe, as evidenced in these photos from the last four years.

Let nobody think that sitting around and eating is all we do…

 A COLD WET DAY just meant that the billy tea and damper at Tobruk Merino Sheep Station tasted that much better, and a wine tasting with an interesting talk on the vineyard, wines and history of Tizzana Winery in its warm and welcoming ambience finished the day beautifully.

GOING PLACES AND DOING THINGS ARE HUGE FACTORS IN THE ENJOYMENT OF THE PROBUS LIFE, BUT THEN THERE are our lunches at various eateries and establishments every month, the sole purpose of which IS to sit around enjoying food and fellowship…


BEST TABLES IN THE HOUSE… ocean views at Harbord Diggers Club.