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Q:        When I click on the links at the top and right hand side of the page, why don't I get Blacktown Probus information?   (Name and email address supplied).

Admin:   It's because we're a sub-website on the Probus South Pacific site, which is where those links are taking you.  All the Blacktown news and information pages are under SITE NAVIGATION at the left hand side. 

Q:        There used to be Comments on your website – what happened to that, and is it still possible to make comments or ask questions?  (Name and email address supplied).

Admin:   Again, it's because we’re a Probus South Pacific Ltd. (PSPL) sub-website; PSPL brought in a new website which doesn’t have the Comments facility.  You can now comment and contact us by emailing [email protected]



Emailing is much less convenient!  We liked being able to just click on "Comments".  (Name and email address supplied).

Admin:           Probus South Pacific does apologize for the inconvenience.  From Probus Blacktown’s viewpoint, it's a mixed blessing; we loved the immediacy of GENUINE responses and enquiries - but unfortunately the Comments facility also attracted massive amounts of spam.  As novice web administrators, we published much of it according to its relevance and source, but came to realize that the majority was sent by people with no interest in Probus:  their aim was solely to have a name/product appear as many times as possible on the world wide web – something to do with optimizing results  in search engines.  We then published only genuine queries and comments, and items of real interest to our site's visitors from legitimate Australian sources – and we trust that those genuine queries, comments and items of real interest will continue to come via emailing [email protected], and this page will perform the publishing function of the previous Comments.