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Date Name of Speaker Topic
20th January 

Don Eyb

Former Commander NSW Mounted Police

Mounted Police History; Role Musical Rides

 17th February  Tony McCurdy  Richard III
 17th March Jools Farrell   ORRCA – Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans (marine mammal – whale, dolphin or porpoise) in Australia
 21st April Skye Sharpe  Careflight – Sydney Region 

19th May

 Faye Yarroll (with her hearing dog, Sydney, and her brother, Robert)

Cochlear Ear Implants Stories and experiences 

 16th June Gillian Lewis - National Maritime Museum  The Halvorsen Story
21st July  Keith Payne  Driver Training  
 18TH August Eric Hiam - 'Balance'   Finance - Aged Care, Pensions,(to be advised) 
 15th September Hans Kunnen  His experience of 9/11 
20th October  Nadiah Roslan - Australian Museum   FrogID team 
17th November  Linda Burney MP  Her Aboriginality and Politics 

Our Speaker for June was Gillian Lewis from the Maritime Museum. We chose the topic “The Halvorsen Story”. We would recommend Gillian to other PROBUS Groups as her presentation was excellent and the information was most interesting.