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This was another enjoyable get-together. It was almost four o‘clock before some of our members headed for home.  


NEW MEMBERS                                                                                                                                                                                                 

We have seven new members – Penny and John, Elizabeth and Des, Gail,Cora and Larry. We enjoy their company and look forward to their participation in our PROBUS activities. Des conducted our Elections and Cora has already begun to take photos. 


MARCH PROBUS MEETING                                                                                                                                                                             

It was St Patrick’s Day so Margaret, our Irish member, told us about her childhood St Patrick’s Day celebrations. She brought chocolates for us to share and we watched ”Riverdance the final performance”. Many, including our newest members, Cora and Larry, dressed in green.  June and Reg won the Easter Raffle prizes. 






We caught the ferry to Neutral Bay and after morning tea at the Thelma & Louise Café at Hayes Wharf, Neutral Bay, 

we enjoyed a walk around the wharf, appreciating the views of the harbour and the surrounds


before walking up to Jaggi’s Indian Eatery for a delicious meal.  


When we looked up on our way back to the ferry, we could see May Gibbs’ cottage.


We have now had three successful Chatterbox Coffee get-togethers at Flower Power Café Enfield and we have booked another for Wednesday, 9th July.


The outdoor venue is suitable for our group of about 20 and the food is delicious.  It began as morning tea and now many of us stay for lunch. We also enjoy browsing the Nursery and, of course, buying plants!