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Ladies Probus Club of Colonel Light Gardens

2021 November 5 Fashion Parade by Mid Coast Styling.

In lieu of Melbourne Cup Hats our ladies had a fun day modelling clothes supplied from Mid Coast Styling.








Guest Speaker August 2021

Take Your Weapons!  -  Foil, Epee or SabreJenny Cassidy kept our Probus members captivated with her articulate, passionate and confident presentation regarding the art of fencing. 

Our members learnt the difference between the Foil, Epee and Sabre and how each required a different set of skills, different target areas and clothing. 

Any indiscretions during a duel could result in a Black Card which meant you were expelled from the event plus other repercussions; a yellow card means check yourself, it’s a warning; red card penalty for fencers is a touch lost against them.

Jenny was the Coach/Manager, of the Australian Fencing Veterans' Team at the World Championships in Sydney, Limoges (France) and Moscow.

Jenny started fencing in 1974, and started coaching in 1988. 

Jenny established the Trott Park Fencing Club after moving into the local neighbourhood and is extremely proud to say that it is still going over 25 years later!  In addition to Coaching she has undertaken many other roles in the Club including Treasurer, Armourer, Volunteer Coordinator and inaugural President in 2004.

Many questions were asked reflecting the interest of our members. 

Nobody left injured!! 

The final advice was: You are never too old to learn!  - The age limit for Veterans has been increased to 90+

Below Jenny explaining the difference between the Foil, Epee and Sabre