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Ladies Probus Club of Colonel Light Gardens

Guest Speakers


For about an hour each month we are entertained, stimulated and inspired and at times moved by our guest speakers.

Guest Speakers commence at 10.00am or 11am. Members look forward to these sessions.


2021  November 5th Theme Melbourne Cup.  Fashion Parade by Mid Coast Styling, with clothes and accessories for sale on the day.  Good prices - good range and ideas for Summer fashion. Invite a friend to help make the day fun and successful.



Past Guest Speakers 2021 have included:


October 1st  Journalish Lainie Anderson and author of the book, Long Flight Home.

September 3rd Libby Kosmala -a Paraplegic Olympian Shooter from 1972-2018 - a winner of 13 medals including 9 gold.

August 6th Jenny Cassidy on the Olympic Sport of Fencing

July 2nd Kristy Wildy and Monica Cations from the Hospital Research Foundation.

June 4th Greg Pattison, CEO Foodbank - one of Australia's largest food relief organistions for people in need. 

May  Todd Grocke from Moveability Australia.  Lots of interest and lots of questions were asked.

March  AGM meeting.   Judy put together a slide show reflecting on the happenings and challenges of 2020.

February Katie Kneebone, a podiatrist, who gave us advice on how to keep our feet looking and feeling healthy.

2020 Guest Speakers

November Joelie Hancock  Joelie Hancock theme was based on "institutes" and the role they played in our communities. 

October Alison Rogers  The theme for her presentation was Living Stories. 

September Judy Davies - Club Secretary.  The challenges involved adopting a baby girl from worn torn Vietnam.

August Jayne Dance, children's author of 'Dancing with Ruby. 

‘What Makes Your Heart Sing?’  That was first question.

What a lively and energetic way to restart our Probus’ year after COVID 19 restrictions!

February         David Ennis, Repatriation Museum on its many treasures