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                                              Conder Lanyon Probus Club – The Formation of Our Club

 How It All Began - As Recalled by Jan Petrie  

Late in 2010 David Grainger addressed the Greenway Probus Club, stating that Tuggeranong Rotary Club would like to sponsor a new Probus Club in the Lanyon Valley.

David had already approached the Lanyon Viking Club for their support. The club offered us the use of the downstairs room; however, we would need to meet on Wednesdays as other functions were held in the room on other days.

David asked members of the Greenway Club who lived in the surrounding area to the Lanyon Vikings Club to attend an expression of interest meeting at the club. An advertisement was also posted in the local newspaper.

Members from the Greenway Probus Club who attended the meeting were; Sandra Barker, Peter Howitt, Joan Harrison, Joy Chandler, Eileen Houghton, Rhoda and Alan Parker, Robyn and Jeff Chapman, Colin and Janice Petrie. Iris Deakin and Hennie Hermes attended from Tuggeranong Probus Club.

Enough people attended the meeting for Rotary to proceed with the setting up of a new club.

Alan and Rhoda offered support, however they stated that they wouldn’t be joining Conder Lanyon Probus Club as they were already in two clubs.


The first official/written record of the Conder Lanyon Probus club are the minutes that were taken at the meeting held on Wednesday, 1 December 2010. This meeting was to be known as the Foundation Meeting and served as the formal basis for the Probus club which was to be based at the Vikings Club at Lanyon.

The meeting was attended by 32 people (including seven for the first time and the remainder who had attended the first Interest Meeting). A list of those attending can be found below, as well as the name of six apologies.

Bill Sanders, Past President of Tuggeranong Rotary Club opened the meeting and welcomed those attending then handed the meeting over to David Granger, a Rotarian experienced in Probus matters, to Chair the meeting.

After ensuring all had a copy of the Constitution and By Laws, the Chairman gave a brief outline of the Probus organisation emphasising its size and success in achieving its Aims and Objectives which were read out to the meeting.

At this stage the Chairman thanked the Steering Committee that was formed after the first meeting (Interest Meeting) and particularly their efforts in finding potential members.

The name of the club was then discussed and it was pointed out that the name of the Club must have a postcode and that “Lanyon” did not and so the Chairman undertook to discuss this matter with the Probus South Pacific Office.

Resolutions were then read out and voted on by those present.

A resolution concerning extending Foundation Membership to all those present, as well as those expressing interest but not able to attend the meeting, was passed unanimously.

A resolution asking members to adopt the Standard Probus Constitution was approved unanimously as was a resolution concerning adoption of the Recommended By-Laws.

Following recommendations from the Steering Committee the Joining Fee was set at $5, and the Annual Membership Fee was set at $20 (subject to change by the committee if considered necessary). These were approved.

The Steering Committee also recommended that those joining before the AGM in March 2011 only be charged a combined Joining and Membership Fee of $10. This was approved. It was confirmed that the club would meet on the first Wednesday of each month at the Vikings Lanyon Club at 10:30 AM.

The Chairman then called for nominations for committee positions.

The following positions were filled as follows:

 President                             Jane Taylor                   
 Vice President Sandra Barker
 Secretary Joan Harrison
 Treasurer Graham Gordon
 Membership Joy Chandler
 Guest Speakers Jan Petrie
 Outings Vacant
 Newsletter Jeremy Harden


The Chairman thanked and congratulated the new committee and asked the President to set up her first meeting of the committee.

The Chairman then announced that a new Provisional Club had been formed, the name of which would be advised.

After the formalities of the meeting were over the new club resolved to meet next on Wednesday, 5 January 2011 with a guest speaker and a luncheon.

Those who attended the meeting are as follows:

1 Barker, Sandra

2. Carter, George

3. Carter, Sylvia

4. Chandler, Joy

5. Chapman, Jeff

6. Chapman, Robyn

7. Deakin, Iris

8. Gordon, Graham

9. Harden, Jeremy

10 Harden, Mary

11 Harris, Helen

12 Harrison, Joan

13 Hermes, Hendrika

14 Howitt, Peter

15 Kustra, Frank

16 Masterton, Sue

17 Oberg, Susann

18 Palmer, Lorraine

19 Parker, Alan

20 Parker, Mary

21 Parker, Rhoda

22 Petrie, Colin

23 Petrie, Janice

24 Scott, Kath

25 Sutton, June

26 Taylor, Jane

27 Thompson, Noel

28 Thomson, Valda

29 Tierney, Dawn

30 Walter, Thea

31 Williams, Margaret

32 Williams, Roy

Apologies: Betty Allsopp, Terry Ireland, Al Masterton, Joan Munro, Geoff and Jean Owen.

(Note: The following people attended the first meeting (Interest Meeting), or, had subsequently indicated their interest in joining the Club - Norman Eastman, Mary Miller, Heather Peacock, Helen Richards, John Shaw, Carol Willey, Pauline Burke, and Alex and Joan Cameron.)

As agreed at the Foundation Meeting, the next meeting was held on Wednesday, 5 January 2011 at which time a number of formalities to be undertaken by new Probus clubs would be completed. David Granger of the supporting Rotary Club indicated that in view of the holiday season he would prefer to arrange the formal installation of the President and Committee to be held in the February meeting when the Rotary Club would present the President with the collar of office and all members would receive their Probus pin indicating they were Foundation Members. Rotary also presented the club with a traditional gong and gavel for the president to “keep order” during a meeting (though he doubted that this would ever be necessary).


Note: And all the work done by the people above lead us to recently celebrate our 10th anniversary as a club. Thank you one and all.