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To: Current and Future Members 

What a challenging two years we have all been through and yet even in this time we have managed to keep our club moving forward in “Fellowship, Fun and Friendship”. But now, as the restrictions caused by Covid are starting to be eased we can plan for a new, exciting and fulfilling year of gatherings and activities. I write this with an extremely positive outlook of what is ahead of us, but also with a degree of irony, as I’m sitting at home in isolation having just tested positive for Covid.

Current members obviously appreciate how well we have been catered for by the Vikings Club at Lanyon, where we meet at 11:30am on the first Wednesday of each month. For those of you who are looking at this website and thinking that you might join our club I would like to encourage you to do so, and would take this chance to let you know that you will be welcomed at our monthly meetings which are followed by a social gathering for lunch. As well as enjoying these meetings you will get to know our Club, and its members, through our Newsletter, which is never short of information and humour.

One of the highlights of being a member of our Probus Club is that each month you will get to hear a Guest Speaker – these speakers cover an amazing diversity of topics. As an example, we have had David Young talk about his outback trip on the “Canning Stock Route”, Jenny Mobbs the CEO of COTA informed us of the many services that are available to older people, Stephen Walmsley enthralled us with his personal memories of the “9/11 attacks in America”, Vanessa Little helped us to gain a fuller understanding of the ACT Library Services, and, Steven Trump talked about how the Red Cross was helping people who are living life in isolation.

For our current members let’s continue enjoying our time together. For future members don’t hesitate to join us and find what a warm, welcoming group make up the Conder Lanyon Probus Club.


Steve Hayes

Club President