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                         'THE CHAIN GANG'

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Before the Tour de Wollongng                                                                         Wollongong Lighthouse

Where's the coffee for table 84 ??                                                                    Bulli coast ride


Bikes, cyclists, harbour, city and mountains. What a ride, what a location, WHAT A SHOT!            The 'Gong.

Ross to Peter: "let me help you tuck your shirt in."  Joe: "count me out"               The Leaning Tower of W'gong

Jan, where have you been?                                                                                             The Gong.


            Lionel looks ready to try cycle drifting ? No wheelies.


                                       Sherrin and Jan, the best riders always look the best too!


  Ready to saddle up.  But, Dave, no need to salute. Oh, alright, if you insist.


   If there's one thing the cyclists like better than riding, it's coffee time!     And class photos.            

      A surf club - always a logical place to start a bike ride....


     Jan says:  "it's better with your light on." 


  Let's have a chat.


                            Really, why don't they put visors on bike helmets?           Patent Pending*

"Someone forgot to call everyone to advise the 'colour of the day' ?                                              Kurnell.

How does Sherrin put up with all those blokes?!                                                                   Kurnell.


Thumbs up from Ron.                                                                         Ready-to-ride Fred.


Norm -  yep, professional!                                                             Relaxed Ross.



A jauntily-tilted helmet helps heaps.                                          Licorice lycra legs, go faster!