AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

Non-Committee Officers 2021-2022.

Assistant Secretary: Susan Davis

Assistant Treasurer: Jim Stapleton

Assistant Membership Officer: Louie Stever

Assistant Guest Speaker Officer: Jill Rasmussen

Outings and Activities Assistant: Barbara Bowers

Lunch/Dinner Officer: Joan Shields & Trish King

Local Theatre Officer: Pam Feinbier

City Theatre Officer: Margaret Schneider

Welfare Officer: Bev Woodhill

Meet and Greet Officers: Trevor and Susan Davis

Club Historian: John Parkes

Photographer: Lynne Thorn

Walks Co-ordinator: Mary Parsons

Golf Co-ordinator: John Sullings

Ten-Pin Bowling/Croquet Co-ordinator: Floyd White

Book Club Officer:

Raffles Co-ordinator: Di Coleman & Diane Lecham

Webmaster: Lourie Smit

Honorary Auditor:Lourie Smit

Public Officer: John Sullings