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                  CROYDON PARK PROBUS CLUB

The Croydon Park Probus Club was formed recently and comprises people from the city of Croydon (Victoria) and surrounding areas who are active retirees or no longer working full time and who appreciate the opportunity to expand their interests, enjoy the company of new friends and keep their minds active.

The name PROBUS derives from the words PROFESSIONAL and BUSINESS and embraces people who have had some measure of responsibility in fields including industry, commerce, education and others.

We are a non-profit-making organisation and the club organises a variety of social, cultural and recreational activities.

Meetings are held at 10.00 am on the third thursday of each month except January, at the Dorset Gardens Hotel at 335 Dorset Rd, Croydon VIC 3136.

The meetings include morning tea and guest speakers on topics of interest.

Members receive monthly newsletters.  

Anyone who is interested in our club is welcome to attend any monthly meeting as a visitor.

Some of our activities can be seen through other pages of this website