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Welcome and thanks for visiting our website.

The Probus Club of North Epping is a community organisation for men who are retired or semi-retired and who want to enjoy a variety of activities with other people that share similar interests.

Wives and partners are welcome at many Club meetings during the year, and can participate in all the events and interest groups organised by the Club.

We began in 1984 and since then have been a meeting place for those in and around North Epping who desire an interesting and fulfilling life after retirement.

Our members come from many backgrounds, and our Club provides them with opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances.

I believe that people should learn about Probus before they retire so they can make the Club part of their retirement planning. The North Epping Probus Club is a vital part of the lives of many people who’ve had busy working lives and want to keep active after they retire.

We’ll gladly give you information about the Club and invite you to attend a meeting or participate in an activity to show you who we are and how we can add to your life in retirement.  Feel free to contact us and we can talk about it with you in more detail.

Best regards,

Buzz Holden