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Upcoming Outings & Events:

Planned in 2024:
- Visit to Burnham army base.
- Visit to Trotts Gardens


More activities to be announced.

If you have further suggestions or a particular favourite amongst the above, please let Gary Blair know.

Previous Outings & Events:

Mon, 22 April 2024: A visit to SRS Timber, Rolleston, at 10am.

The company which specialises in breaking down timber on site for re-sale and manufacturing. is one of the largest of its type in NZ. Gary feels all members should consider making this visit – it is a rare opportunity to 'get inside’ a local business that is one of the foremost in the timber industry. In preparation you can find out more about the Company’s history by clicking on the link here:

Mon, 18 March 2024: A visit to Campbell Aero Classics, in Loburn, North Canterbury.

They are the Australasian agents for scale replica warbird aircraft including Spitfires, Mustangs and Tiger Moths, so it promises to be a highly interesting visit. We must have at least 30 and the cost is $15 per head. They put on hot drinks and creamed pikelets, plus a flight by one of their classic aircraft if the weather permits.

Sun, 29 October 2023: Lyttelton Port visit and the Black Cat Ferry tour around the port (start 13:15)

This was scheduled for May 28 but was cancelled due to late availability of the boat.
Ride the Black Cat ferry from its terminal around the Lyttelton Port facilities. This should be a great outing, and we’ll have space for 40 that day.

Thu, 7 September 2023: Visit to Lincoln University. 

Tue, 15 August 2023: 8:50am to 3pm with carpool - Visits to the Warehouse South Island Distribution Centre and Global Bus Ventures (ex Designline), both on the same day with lunch in Rolleston at the Silver Dollar Pub.

Wed, 19 July 2023: Midwinter lunch at Club Redcliffs

Begin assembling at 11.30am for seating and drinks. Musical entertainment at midday and lunch commencing at 12.30pm.

Mon, 17 July 2023: Visit to the Foodstuffs warehouse

The visit to the Foodstuffs Sockburn warehouse is confirmed, with a 10am start and numbers limited to 25.

Tue, 14 March 2023: Visit  to Moffats Flower Company

This visit to Moffats Flower Company has been arranged by Don Simpson and Gary Blair at 10:30am on 14 March. The address is 1 Candys Road in Halswell. There is limited parking on-site, but Candys Road adjoins so there is roadside parking available there. This provides us with an exceptional opportunity to visit this progressive enterprise. Partners and friends are most welcome.

Wed, 14 December 2022: Christmas function

Wed, 16 November 2022: Visit to 2 historic motor vehicle showrooms in North Canterbury

Gary Blair has confirmed visits to two historic motor vehicle showrooms in North Canterbury on Wednesday the 16th November. These visits will be of particular interest to all who are interested in cars and motorcycles.
The group will first meet at 10.00am at Daniel Smith’s Vintage car and helicopter display at 15 Kingsford Smith Drive, Rangiora. There will be no charge for this visit.
At 12 noon the group will visit Waimak Classic Cars at 14 Ashworths Beach Road, Leithfield. This business buys and sells vintage cars so there is an ever-changing display of interesting vehicles. Gary suggests that you can get a good preview of what you will see by opening the link There is a charge here of $10.00 per head.
We need to know the attendees following our meeting on 27th October 2022 and a signup sheet for the visit will be circulated during the meeting. Wives, Partners, Friends are most welcome and there is easy parking at both venues.

Thu, 3 November 2022: Visit to Oakley's Premium Fresh Vegetables

Visit to Oakley's Premium Fresh Vegetables, Southbridge, at 11am, then lunch at the Crate & Barrel in Leeston. Robin Oakley’s great-great-grandfather began growing vegetables in West Melton. By the time Robin was at high school, he was growing vegetables on 4 hectares. He decided to leave school early and start his own vegetable growing business. Come and visit this extraordinary operation that has won the Business of the Year award from the Selwyn District Council.
(was postponed from 20 October)

Wed, 17 August 2022: Visit to Christchurch Veterinary Surgical Specialists

Visit to Christchurch Veterinary Surgical Specialists, corner of Disraeli Street and Antigua Street, Addington, at 10am. This should be an interesting and informative visit for all those of you who have pets or an interest in any animals.

Tue, 14 June 2022: Ravenscar House Museum visit

The Ravenscar House Museum, Rolleston Ave, is well worth a visit, $20 a head. One of the museum hosts would give a brief introductory talk with comments about the history of the art collection, the original Scarborough House and the Wakefield family. We would need to advise them of the group size before visiting so would members please indicate their interest on the list at the next meeting. Artworks by well-known NZ artists (McCahon, Hotere etc) and sculpture are featured and the museum building and garden are of architectural interest in themselves.

Tue, 7 June 2022: Te Pae visit

We've all heard about Te Pae, Christchurch’s new $450 million convention centre, but few of us have had the chance to look inside because it was closed for a few weeks soon after opening when the country moved to the red setting. Now, our club has been offered a private tour on Tuesday 7 June at 9.30am, a great opportunity to see this stunning new building and its many features, including a 2-tonne marble reception desk, timber columns and an illuminated artwork.


Tue, 10 May 2022: Kaiapoi River Queen cruise

Fifty-three Ferrymead Sumner Probus Club members and spouses embarked on a two-hour cruise of the Kaiapoi River on the River Queen. Gary Blair said it was a most enjoyable group trip with a lunch and drink - “a very pleasant outing. The River Queen is a North Canterbury treasure”. Our thanks to Gary for organising such a successful and well supported event.
More info:

Thu, 9 December: Christmas function (lunch).

Planning for the Christmas event on December 9 is well under way. The caterer is confirmed and will provided two hot meats, vegetables and salad and a dessert. Cost will be $30 per person.
Programme as follows:
- assemble from midday to 12.30pm. Find a table, arrange a drink and settle down.
- 12.30pm to 1pm, we will be entertained by Stig Eldred, who has kindly agreed to provide Christmas-themed entertainment and perhaps a sing-a-long or two. We are fortunate to have this internationally known entertainer with the club.
- 1pm onwards, the meal will be served.
Check your email for more details about signing up and payment options. Payments need to be received by November 25th !
There will be a BIG BIG raffle at the Xmas lunch. Please be sure to bring your $5 (or more) so you can participate.

Tue, 16 November: Trip to The Canterbury Vintage Car Club.

This trip was led by member Alan Bain. The club has over 1200 members and manages a repository of car parts and a library on over 30 acres of land at Mcleans Island Road, Harewood. The extent of the parts collection is astonishing, and it is a source for vintage car operators/collectors who need replacements for just about any vintage car ever operated in NZ. This was an informal event arranged at short notice and we were late with our publicity so only a few members turned up. If the event is repeated in the future, it is well worth a visit.


Wed, 20 October: Bus trip to Rangitata Diversion Range / Surrey Hills.

The group will visit the Rangitata Diversion Race (RDR), the Staverley museum and the Surrey Hills Garden. We will have a brief drive through the original Barrhill Village which was set up in the 1870s along the lines of an English settlement. We will then go on to the Highbank Power station and to Staverley, Surrey Hills and the Rangitata Gorge headworks of the RDR, where we will be met by Tony McCormick and Mel Brookes. A fifty seater bus has been booked and filled.
An early start on this day took us to inland Mid Canterbury where we visited the Highbank Power Scheme above the Rakaia River, the Staveley Museum and an amazing garden tour of the Grigg Family property in the foothills. Truly a beautiful place. We then visited the headwaters of the water scheme at Montalto where water for the irrigation of Mid Canterbury farms is siphoned off from the Rakaia, through water races and canals, to supply one of the largest water schemes in NZ.

Fri, 1 October + Fri, 29 October: Probus Day 2021 / Celebration at Transitional Cathedral.
29 October event cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

Officially Probus Day 2021 is on 1 October and Rolleston Avenue along the Botanic Gardens and Museum will light up in Probus Blue and Gold colours.
The Christchurch Probus Day Celebration will be held on Friday, October 29th at 1pm, at the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral. There will be a Brass Band and Afternoon Tea ($15 pp). Please see our September Newsletter for more details. More general info also here: Probus Day 2021

The August events have been postponed due to Covid lockdown

Tue, 24 August: Visit to the Distribution Centre of Foodstuffs South Island.

Visit to the Distribution Centre of Foodstuffs South Island at 10am. Numbers are limited to 20 members – come dressed in warm clothing and with solid footwear. Gary Blair has been told by a previous attendee that this is an exceptional place to see, “a well worthwhile experience”. A list for attendance will be circulated at the July meeting. There is no charge.

Fri, 27 August: Visit to The Sumner Theater Group Cabaret.

The Sumner Theatre Group are putting on a show between 13 August and 3 Sept.
The Sumner Cabaret is a variety show, performed over Friday and Saturday nights for a limited season, during August. This energetic volunteer group of amateur thespians produces a variety cabaret show every year. Singers, dancers, prop-masters, lighting, stage crew and more; all give their time to produce a show that is always “wow - even better than last year!” All funds are returned to the community. Sign-up for this event will be at the July Probus meeting.
The ticket price is $30 per person (the profit goes to Charity). Current thinking is to reserve two tables of 10. You bring your own refreshments.

Thu, 10 June 2021: Canterbury Museum - Antartic exposition, plus some hidden gems.

This will be a guided tour going through the expositions covering more detail and access to some items that are not normally on display. On 1 October 2020 Canterbury Museum marked 150 years on Rolleston Avenue.

Tue, 13 April 2021
: Visit to Kilmarnock Enterprises.

This is an interesting ‘workplace’ to visit. Max. 30 people per visit. 
The group size will be limited to 30 places and will cost $10 per head. Kilmarnock is a Social Enterprise which provides training for physically and/or intellectually disabled people. There will be a talk describing their work and we will observe the sorts of activities employed in the training.

Wed, 31 March 2021
: Visit to Crusaders Training Run "SPECIAL EVENT"

10:45am at Rugby Park, Malvern St, St. Albans
This will be a great opportunity to see the skills training and depth of preparation that goes on with the Crusaders team before a major game. Our group needs to assemble in the Reception area at Rugby Park, Malvern Street, St Albans, by 10.45am. The training will finish at approx. 12.45pm.


Visit to Fishermans Bay Garden - Akaroa - October 2020

North Canterbury bus trip - Sheep stud farm - September 2020

North Canterbury bus trip - September 2020

North Canterbury bus trip - coffee/tea break - September 2020

Visit to the Art Gallery - July 2020

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