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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Three new members were inducted into our club: Simon, Peter and Noel:

Main Speaker: Kylie Phaup-Stephens - "Kiwi Birds Don't Fly"

Kylie will give a talk titled “Kiwi Birds Don’t Fly”. Over a decade ago now, she arrived back in New Zealand after the ultimate OE. She travelled 50,000 kilometres solo from the U.K to Christchurch on a cheap mountain bike and on a budget of just under 8 dollars a day. Starting in London and then Europe she traversed 23 countries in 20 months. Needless to say, there were some interesting incidents along the way which we look forward to hearing about. Europe was relatively straight forward but thing got trickier when she reached Iran, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and China. As well as difficult situations she had many positive experiences including incredible kindness by the New Zealand Army in Afghanistan who gave her milo and a hot shower.

Mini-Talk: Nish Mohun - Health and Disability Advocacy Service

Nish is the local advocate for the Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy Service. They provide individual support for any person having an issue with a health provider in any area of health. The talk should be informative, and the service is a resource Probus members may not be aware of.


Thursday, 25 March 2021

Main Speaker: Dr Bryon Mann – “Climate Change is not man made ?”. 

Bryon describes his talk as “controversial and educational and based on simple science and history”. He has degrees in Physics and Maths and qualifications in Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy and Philosophy and has studied climate for more than 20 years. His talk should provoke some interesting debate because he argues that Carbon Dioxide is not something to be concerned about.

Some background information on this topic:
NASA: Direct Observations Confirm that Humans are Throwing Earth’s Energy Budget off Balance
BBC: A brief history of the Earth's CO2 

Mini-Talk: John Wiltschut - "From Rotterdam to Silicon Valley to Christchurch".

Sharing the experience of growing up in the Netherlands, enjoying 17 years in the California high-tech industry and retiring in New Zealand.


Dr Stuart Walley was our Main Speaker at the 25 February 2021 Meeting.

As well as describing his extensive experience with the Oil industry, Stuart offered to talk about the future relevance of the Energy Industry in the broader macro-economic landscape. This is a fascinating subject in an era when there is so much debate about the significance of fossil fuels to the current world economy and at the same time their role in the global climate crisis. Stuart is currently the Senior Sales Director for Sales and Services for Exploration & Production Software, with the Emerson Automation Solutions business in the Eastern Hemisphere. Emerson supplies production software to the Oil industry and that software gives companies the power to explore, appraise, plan and develop oil & gas fields to achieve optimum ultimate recovery and enhance production rates throughout the entire life of the asset.

Stuart holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics and Geology, where he studied the response of coastlines to rapid changes in sea-level during the Devonian. Since then, his career focus has been on Exploration and Production, specifically in geophysical services, well services, advisory services, consultancy, technology development and sales and business management within the Energy Industry. He has considerable global experience having worked in the UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, and Asia Pacific and over the past 24 years has established a comprehensive understanding of the Energy business and E&P asset life cycle.

The 25 February 2021 meeting was also the AGM and an overview of planned activities was presented.


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