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A DAY AT OUR CLUB     Forest-Belrose Probus Club Inc.


Whether by foot or by car or by slow bus

On fourth Monday's each month there is no fuss

For there's nought one should do

Than meet friends old or new

Whom together are heading for Probus


At nine thirty the hubbub begins

As our leadership team wanders in

There are deadlines to meet

New members to greet

And scores of damned forms to fill in


By ten there is possibly trouble

As numbers have magically doubled

More seats are fast needed

For those who've not headed

That our club will soon burst like a bubble


Our meetings are brimmed with excitement

As our leaders share words of enlight'nment

We all squat on our bums

While some knit with their thumbs

Then the tea break brings welcomed delightment


With our coffee and cake all consumed

We make haste to our gathering room

Where again we await

While digesting that cake

For our guest, whom we hope will come soon


Now Helen, the club's speaker seeker

Of our leadership team she's the meeker

Fills her role without fuss

But with much thanks from us

We listen in awe to her speaker


Thus another great meeting soon ends

And our president humbly extends

His warm invitation

To share inspiration

By joining our Probian friends


But ‘afore you depart ‘cause your thirstin’

And for lunch you would like to be first in

If you’re wanting next year

To share Probian cheer

Then you’d better be quick, the club’s burstin'