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Enlocking Pukekohe : Speakers from Eke Panuku : 22nd April 2024

Speakers from Eke Panuku, lead by Briar Corbett gave us an overview of current and future projects planned to develop Pukekohe to keep pace with our population growth in the years ahead.

These included the development of Roulston Park to make it more child friendly; movement of the Saturday market into the town square and Roulston Street and the development of a "super-block" bordered by Edinburgh St, Devon Lane, Roulston Street and Massey Avenue. This last project would include a dedicated laneway with cafes and restaurants opening out towards the Library in Massey Avenue.

Michael, Briar and Katie from Eke Panuku. 

History of Eden Park : Speaker Graham Walton : 25th March 2024

Graham gave a very interesting presentation on the history of Eden Park, from it's start as a Cricket Ground to the present day Sports & Concert Venue.

Graham is pictured here with Vice-President Brian Hutchinson

Graham Walton Historian for Eden Park


Blind Low Vision NZ Speakers : Helena Easton, Sue Harris and Guide Dog King : 25th September 2023

Helena & Sue spoke about the services provided by Blind Low Vision NZ. 

Sue introduced us to King, her third guide dog and her experiences with all of her dogs over many years.


Andrew Bayly : 28th August 2023

Our local MP gave us a presentation on his trip to Mongolia with his youngest son. They stayed with the local people who farmed reindeer. The trip took place in winter time in very cold temperatures.

Here is our club member Lyn Connell with Andrew. She is modelling the clothes that they wore in Mongolia to keep warm in those severe temperatures