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Tending Potato Crops on Pukekohe Hill - NZ Herald 16 Nov 1938

Vegetable growing has taken place in Franklin for many years - this photo from NZ Herald 16 Nov 1938.

Our club hasn't been going quite that long ..............

In the early 2000’s there were three Probus clubs in Pukekohe, men’s, women’s and a combined club. At that time the Franklin district was an area where people were looking to retire. The existing clubs had full membership and Rotary saw need for a further club to draw members from the wider Franklin area. Under the guidance of Pukekohe Rotary club members Alistair Seel and Murray Kay expressions of interest for a new club were sort. The response was positive, resulting in the formation of the Combined Probus Club of Franklin.

The inaugural meeting of the club was held at the Pukekohe Cosmopolitan Club on 22nd April 2001. All 63 members attending the meeting became foundation members of the new Probus Club. These members came from all parts of the district which is still the case today. Since then numbers have grown to fluctuate around seventy-five to eighty. At this inaugural meeting, Murray Kay Pukekohe Rotary President inducted, Vic Wilkins President of the new club and presented him with the Presidents chain of office.  Jack Jackson became secretary of the Probus Club. The initial costs of setting up were covered by Rotary. Since then annual subscriptions, together with raffles, to social events, have covered the club’s affiliations and running costs.

Once set up, the Club has been self-governing but has to adhere to a set of rules or constitution provided by Rotary. In essence, the club must be non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit making and non-fund raising. An annual meeting must be held to elect a President and committee and present the year’s financial statement. Since it’s inauguration the club has endeavoured to achieve its goals through monthly meetings and guest speakers, social events, educational trips, special interest groups and activities as member’s needs have changed.