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Probus is an initiative of Rotary International and has a membership of around 125,000 throughout Australia and New Zealand.   The name Probus is derived from PROfessional and BUSiness and was originally for people who were employed in these areas.   Today the criteria is that a person is active and retired or semi-retired.

Probus is not a Service Club and does not fundraise or provide community service.   The emphasis is for active retirees to enjoy fellowship, friendship and fun.

The Probus Club of Geraldton was founded on 8th June 2018 at a meeting calling for Expressions of Interest.   The meeting attracted 20 interested people and was hosted by Rotary District Probus Chairman, Chris Gaggin and Probus Director, Ian Murray who both belong to the Noranda Probus Club.   At the conclusion of that meeting five attendees took on Club positions and became the Club’s Founding Members:


Richard Porter
Mike Sully
           Vice President
Joyce Sully
Di Cant
Sue Graham
           Asstistant Treasurer


                              The Club meets monthly – details can be found on the Meetings page.