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Our Vision


To promote the growth, development and support for the Probus Community in the South Pacific region, as the most recognised and accessible organisation for retirees, fostering the true spirit of Probus – friendship, fellowship and fun.

Our History


The Probus movement had its genesis in two ancestors - both in the U.K. and both established by Rotary Clubs.  The first was known as the Campus Club. It was formed in 1965 by the Rotary Club of Welwyn Garden City, 20 miles north of London with Fred Carnhill as the driving force.  (Its name was derived from the area of the town in which it was conceived - the Campus.)   The second, with Harold Blanchard as the catalyst, was formed by the Rotary Club of Caterham in 1966 and was named the Probus Club, for the “PRO” in professional and the “BUS” in business.  Both were formed to meet the need for companionship of their peers and mental stimulation for retired business and professional men. 

The first Probus Clubs in the South Pacific region were the Probus Club of Kapiti Coast in New Zealand in 1974 and the Probus Club of Hunters Hill in Australia in 1976.  By 1981 there were 44 Clubs in Australia and New Zealand and this saw the formation of the “Probus Information Committee”.  This was the foundation that led to the later PROBUS umbrella organisations initially “Probus Centre - South Pacific Inc” and today “Probus South Pacific Limited” (PSPL).

In 2011 Probus Centre – South Pacific Inc became Probus South Pacific Limited.   This involved a change in the corporate structure from an incorporated association to a company limited by guarantee (CLG).  A company limited by guarantee is the appropriate structure for not-for-profit organisations (NFPs).  The change in legal structure from an incorporated association to a CLG neither changed the accreditation of Probus Clubs nor the financial or tax position of PSPL, in fact it imposed stricter obligations upon PSPL in respect of governance and financial reporting.  PSPL is a NFP organisation and therefore does not allow the distribution of surpluses (profits) to its members.  Any surplus PSPL makes is put back into providing services to Probus Clubs and Probus Club members.