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Glenelg Bay Probus Club Membership

Membership of this Club shall be open to retired and semi-retired people who appreciate and value opportunities for social contact with others in similar circumstances. The aim of the Club is to provide opportunities for fellowship, the development of acquaintances and social interaction. It is not a fund-raising body.

Membership of this Club shall be primarily for residents of the Holdfast Bay Council and nearby councils.

The Glenelg Bay Probus Club has a maximum of 150 ordinary members, any over this number will be placed on a waiting list.

Visitors and those on the waiting list may attend a maximum of 3 meetings and activities of the Club.

Application for membership must be sponsored by two members of the Club and approved for membership by a majority of the Management Committee.

Membership of this Club shall be contingent upon attendance at regular meetings of not less than fifty per cent in any club year, subject to leave of absence in cases of sickness or on any other reasonable grounds.

The Secretary keeps the record of memberships attendance at meetings and the recording of genuine apologies.