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The Glen Waverley Combined Probus Club caters to men and women. We believe our range of activities ensures our members stay well informed and enjoy experiences with like minded people.

We have built our reputation as a vibrant, progressive group of friendly people who like to get together in many forums and enjoy each other's company. 

Our 100 members look forward to meeting new members, so come along to a meeting and start the process of joining the Club. Meetings continue through Covid-19 restrictions: masks are worn or members hop onto Zoom - whatever it takes to keep meetings going! 

Above: Masked members at our July 2021 meeting.

Program continues on Zoom

The Glen Waverley Combined Probus Club enjoys gatherings and when group meetings are prohibited, due to lockdowns, they use Zoom. At our June meeting Nathan Browne (pictured) from Australian Wildlife Conservatory gave an excellent presentation on work to protect native species and habitats. The Conservatory works in collaboration with indigenous Australian rangers and groups, government agencies and commercial operators e.g., pastoralists. It was an engaging presentation which included magnificent slides of wildlife habitat areas.

Nathan Browne Australian Wildlife Conservatory


Summer was time for social get togethers

Club members were very happy when Covid-19 restrictions eased late in 2020 and gatherings were allowed. Jells Park is a poplular location for the Club and a couple of get togethers were held there late in 2020. Early in 2021 the Club was able to hold a meeting in the Mount Waverley Community Hall. It was very well attended and activity lists were being quickly filled up. The Club has appointed Covid Officers to check current guidelines are being adhered to.

Top row: 2020 end of year get together in Jells Park.
Bottom row: 2021 meeting - a welcome opportunity to meet face to face. See also: About Us & Membership



Photo Album: Zooming in 2020