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This document is to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the formation of the Probus Club of Gordon Inc. - February 22nd 2008.


After the Rotary Club of St. Ives formed the Pymble and St. Ives Probus Clubs, it decided to form a third in this district in November 1987 with Jack McKellar as the Convenor.

To seek and encourage membership, letters were sent individually over the signatures of Neville Chambers, President of the Rotary Club of St. Ives and Jack McKellar to people who it was thought may be interested. Similar contact was made with the Probus Clubs of St. Ives and Ku-ring-gai, Probus Centre, South Pacific; and the Rotary Clubs of Turramurra, Kuring-Gai, Terrey Hills, and Wahroonga. Copies of a press release were distributed to St. Ives Village News, local golf clubs, bowling clubs, banks and Neighbourhood Watch Co­ordinators. There was an intensive follow-up to the above measures.

Several members of the Rotary Club of St. Ives keen to join the proposed Probus Club were also members of the Pymble Golf Club. They canvassed their fellow golfers and as a result Pymble Golf Club members were well represented at the Foundation Meeting.


The Foundation Meeting was held at Gordon Golf Club from 10am on Monday, 22 February 1988 - see Appendix 1 for Agenda.

The President of the Rotary Club of St Ives, Neville Chambers, welcomed those present. Jack McKellar, Convenor of the meeting, then took the Chair and invited Bill Jacobs, Chairman of Rotary District No. 968 to give a key-note address.

Charles Berghofer, seconded by Peter Croker, moved to form the Probus Club of Gordon. and Len Cayzer, seconded by Arch Walker, moved that all applicants for membership at that time be eligible for admission as Foundation Members - see Appendix 3

Alwyn Ellem. seconded by Peter Croker, moved that the following members be elected to the Management Committee and in the responsibilities shown:

President Bruce Aspery

Vice-President Wal Pascoe

Secretary Charles Berghofer

Treasurer Arch Walker

Committee John Hunt, Ray Lyons, Wolf Marx,

Jim Newell and Harold Turner.

In addition to the foregoing, the following were agreed:

  • The Club would meet at the Gordon Golf Club from 10:15am on the fourth Monday of each month;
  • The annual subscription would be $15.00;
  • Membership would be capped initially at 69, the number of Foundation Members.

The Convenor presented the President, Bruce Aspery, with the Presidential Collar and Probus badges to those members who were present. The President then gave a short address thanking all on his election and that he was sure the club would go from strength to strength.


22 February 1988

Foundation Meeting at Gordon Golf Club.

March, 1988

Club decided to join North Harbour Association of Probus Clubs.

Ladies to be invited to meetings which it was felt would be of interest to them.

April, 1988

Venue of meetings changed from Gordon Golf Club to the Greengate Hotel, Killara.

July, 1988

Membership cap increased from 69 to 88.

December, 1988

First Christmas Dinner at Asquith Golf Club

March, 1989

Foundation Secretary, Charles Berghofer, resigned. The Management Committee duly acknowledged that the success of the Club in its foundation year was due in no small way to his outstanding enthusiasm and his dynamic approach to all tasks and he was notified accordingly. April, 1989

Meeting held at Pymble Golf Club.

May, June, July 1989

Meetings held at Ku-ring-gai Council Chambers Members requested to advise the Secretary of the serious illness or incapacity of a member or member's wife so the appropriate assistance can be offered.

August, 1989

Meeting held at Pymble Golf Club which continues to be the Club's meeting place.

September, 1989

Decision taken to incorporate the Club.

December, 1989

Christmas Dinner held at Pymble Golf Club which has become the permanent venue for this function.

February, 1990

Annual subscription increased from $15.00 to $20.00.

March, 1990

Special resolutions to permit incorporation of the Club were proposed by Brian Snodgrass, seconded by John Hunt and passed unanimously.

April, 1990

First meeting of the Club as an incorporated body.

March, 1990

Foundation President, Bruce Aspery, appointed to Committee of Probus Centre - South Pacific.

February, 1991

Annual subscription increased from $20.00 to $25.00.

May, 1991

Decision taken to cap the waiting list at twelve and to accept membership applications only from individuals residing in Wahroonga, Turramurra, Pymble, Gordon, Killara or St. Ives.

August, 1991

Membership cap increased to 100.

March, 1992

Outgoing President, Bruce Maxwell, spoke very highly of the administrative work of the Secretary, Brian Snodgrass, who was retiring after three and a half years in that position. 50th meeting chaired by President, Peter Croker.

March, 1993

Life membership conferred on Bruce Aspery, Foundation President, and for three years representative on Probus South Pacific on which he served as Treasurer.

Decision taken not to cap waiting list.

March, 1994

Attendance of members at meetings averaged 71%.

June, 1995

Decision taken to invite those members unable to attend meetings for some time because of ill-health to transfer to a new category of membership styled "Temporarily inactive members (for medical reasons)".

July, 1995

Members were advised that it was preferable for apologies to be conveyed to Secretary prior to meeting commencing.

September, 1995

Attendance of members at meetings averaged 70%; waiting list peaked at 20.

January, 1996

Confirmed no cap to be placed on waiting list which stood at 19.

April, 1996

Toby Clark invited members to indicate their interest in joining a walking group - such a group was duly formed.


June, 1996

Decision taken to compile Club history to commemorate the 100th meeting due in November 1996.

October 1999

Decision to admit at each March meeting those who had applied at least two years previously, subject to the number being progressively reduced to 100 in the event of a loss of one or more members.

April 2000

The committee decided to admit those whose application had been accepted twelve months or more previously.

October 2001

Committee agreed to increase membership fee to $35 p.a. from March 2002

August 2002

Introduction of e-mail and faxed transmission of the monthly Newsletter to those who elect to use this method.

March 2003

Membership and morning tea charges increased to $35 p.a. and $25 p.a. respectively mainly due to review by Pymble Golf Club and Probus Centre.

October 2004

District Probus clubs meeting to consider ways of stimulating membership growth.

May 2005

To help ensure the longevity of the club, the committee decided not to impose an upper age limit for new members but to ask members to encourage wherever possible younger people to join.

November 2005

Walking groups discontinued.

March 2006

Luncheon following AGM to commemorate 200th Club Meeting Ray Lyons accorded Life Membership for ongoing service to the club.

March 2007

Pymble Golf Club introduced increased morning tea and room hiring charges as previously negotiated and absorbed, pro tern, in club membership fees.

December 2007

Combined Christmas and 20th Anniversary Dinner.