AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

Activity Organizers


             Please contact the member listed for the regular activity you are interested in.

2021/22 Activity organisers

 Activities coordinator

 Peter Bruce


 9525 1400

 Newsletter editor

 Bill Casley


 9521 2482


 Ray Hobson


 9528 8659



 Bob East
 John Noonan 



0400 228 786

 0417 214 632
 9531 2144

 Guest Speakers

 Tim Higgins


0418 861 121

 Dining out

  on hold due to covid-19


 Tour Organisers

 Bill Casley 

 Col Mason



 9521 2482

 0419 019 407


 Julie Hall  

 04 07 671 344  

Probus Club of Gymea Inc.


It is the wish of the committee that our members at monthly meetings may be informed of ill health of any fellow member.  Thus close friends can become aware and may be able to follow up with visits, phone calls, or some need to help, whenever possible.

Julie Hall has volunteered to receive information concerning the adverse health of a member, or ones partner. Any member, or ones family or a close friend are able to provide information concerning the members health and which is preventing their ability to attend meetings or an activity, by calling Julie Hall.

Julie’s phone contact; 04 07 671 344

Any information provided must have due regard to privacy requested. Julie will endeavour to follow up on the member’s progress and give an update at our subsequent meetings.