AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

The Combined Probus Club of Helensburgh & District is a not-for-profit organisation of retired and semi-retired people seeking Friendship, Fellowship and Fun.

Most members live in the northern Illawarra or southern suburbs of Sydney, though a small number live a bit further afield. The club limits membership to 100, with no more than 60 members of the same gender.

In normal times - when there is no pandemic prevalent and there are no restrictions on large gatherings - the club has monthly general meetings of available members, followed by a guest speaker and lunch for those who wish to stay on, at Helensburgh Tradies (2nd Thursday of each month). Prospective members attend two general meetings prior to consideration for membership (which may also involve going onto a waiting list, if there is no immediate vacancy).

Other regular activities typically include outings to interesting places, walks (4th Thursday), bowls (1st Thursday), golf (2nd Friday), garden visits, coach trips, overseas trips and cruises. On many activities the member may bring a non-member partner or friend. As members pay an annual subscription, non-members pay a little more than members to attend some events, where an admission charge is applicable.

Apart from enjoying good times together, members care about each other's welfare and keep an eye out for their fellow members in times of illness or other adversity.

In addition to the many organised Probus activities and welfare updates, many members form strong friendships which also take them on other (non-Probus) adventures together. Some have become close friends for life.