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November: Rod Preston: Mysteries of the Mail.

The talk in November is called  Music, Mail and Scooby do

From the Persian empire to modern times check out the fascinating mysteries of the mail involving black cows, Santa Clause, St Valentine, mail order brides, Walt Disney and his mousketeers and taxi dancers while cranky Franky leaves a  legacy for one of the world’s most popular cartoons.

So welcome to Mysteries of the Mail, a funny, entertaining and enriching series of presentations that open up the fascinating, often comical history of the mail and its impact on both the destiny of nations and the lives of individuals.

 Your presenter Rod Preston has spent over 25 years travelling the world researching the intriguingbackground of mail to develop a humourous series which brings to life the unique mysteries and untold tales of the mail from the Persian Empire to Silicon Valley, Europe to America , England to Australia and the South Pacific Islands


Emperors, presidents, royalty, outlaws, highwaymen, and the swashbuckling role of historic and modern day pirates with  buried treasure have all impacted on the intriguing history and development of mail services through the ages.


  All of this and more comes vividly together in "Mysteries of the Mail"


About your speaker


*Executive Manager Communications (Public Affairs) Australia Post (Retired)

*Former adviser and trouble shooter for members of parliament and corporate organizations.

*Former lecture and developer of course material for University of Technology, TAFE colleges

  and the South Pacific School of Public Administration.

*Former member Australian Institute of Management, Society of Industrial Editors and Public   

  Relations Institute of Australia.

*Recipient of a Service Award of Merit from the NSW Governor

*Presenter and guest speaker on cruise ships and at Corporate Seminars