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The word Probus comes from the words PRObus and BUSiness groups.

Originated in the United Kingdom in 1965, Probus is now a world-wide movement in twenty- three countries.  It is a community service activity of Rotary Clubs.  New Zealand joined the Probus ranks in 1974 and Australia in 1976.  In 1981 the Probus Centre - South Pacific was established.

Probus is an association of retired and semi-retired people who join together in clubs, the basic purpose of which is to provide regular opportunities for them to keep their minds active, expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.

Probus clubs do not engage in fund raising or community sponsorship.



Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Nedlands, the Hollywood Kings Park Probus Club Inc. was founded on January 24, 2019.

Its purpose is to advance intellectual and cultural interests among adult persons who have retired or are semi-retired from their former occupations.  We hold monthly meetings and arrange additional activities to provide opportunities for fellowship, the development of acquaintances and social interaction.