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The Hollywood Kings Park Probus Club Committee has considered optimal club membership numbers taking into consideration venue size and the opportunity for club members to get to know each other.  The decision has been made to cap membership numbers at 80.  Any further membership applications will be waitlisted.

Hollywood Kings Park Probus Club welcomes visitors who express an interest as prospective club members.  Visitors who are prospective members to the club, may attend up to 3 meetings prior to joining.


Membership Fees


Joining Fee:                      $20.00         

Annual Fee:                      $44.00

Monthly Meeting Cost:       $44.00 - 2021 - non refundable if paid in advance OR

Monthly Meeting Cost:       $5.00  per meeting.


The Probus Membership Year is April 1 – March 31.

The Annual Fee is payable by April 22, 2021.

Payment may be made electronically or in person at a club meeting.

Electronic payment details are:  

BSB:  302-162

Account number:  145447-6