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History of Our Club

Thirty years ago in 1994, President Leon Elelman and his board of the Ingleburn Rotary Club decided there was a need for a Probus Club in the area. 

Geoff Campbell (Past President of Rotary) was asked to arrange an “Interest Meeting”. Geoff, knowing Peter Benson was a life time resident of Ingleburn and a Rotarian asked for Peter’s help by attending a meeting and to bring as many people as could be mustered.

Peter Benson asked friends and acquaintances to attend a meeting to start a new club in the area. This meeting was held on the first Wednesday in October 1994.

Peter adressed the meeting and explained what a Probus Club was all about.

The idea of forming a new club in the area was enthusiastically received, and the Ingleburn Rotary Club President advised they were prepared to sponsor the new club.  

The Meeting was a great success; a resolution was passed that an INGLEBURN PROBUS CLUB INC. was to be formed.

Our Charter was issued on 26thOctober 1994. 

Our first objective was to form the inaugural committee:


Dr Peter E Benson

Vice President

William (Bill) Carter

Hon. Secretary

June Vercoe


Thomas (Tom) Gilholme


Rodney Brett (Bulletin Editor), Colleen Carter,

Peggy Curtis, Graham Hopkinson (Programs).

The hard work by this committee is recognized as a major part during this formative phase of the club. During the first eighteen months we had some wonderful guest speakers each month and many outings and trips. The fellowship in the club is excellent. We are meeting new friends and re-establishing links with old friends.

The club is still young.

Ingleburn Probus will go from strength to strength with the help from the committee and members, with their Fellowship and support.