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Up Coming Attraction 

Please note that due to The present Health regulations only fully Vaccinated people will be admitted into performances and must produce the official vaccination certificate or an exempt certificate and must use the QR code before entry.

The new addition to the terms and conditions for Ticketmaster and all Theatre’s, are if you purchase a ticket and you are not fully vaccinated  there will be no entry and no refund for that ticket (unless the performance is cancelled) 

The onus is up to the individual to insure these new rules are adhered to.

Mamma Mia

26th February 2022 this is a Sunday 2pm  at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre $48 per ticket. Payment date is 1st December 2021. Please call Gai on 0417027388 to arrange your seats and payment 

9 to 5

27th April 2022 this is a Wednesday 1pm at the Capital Theatre. Seating in the stalls. The ticket price is $70 per ticket. Payment is due at the February 2nd 2022 meeting.

Phantom of the Opera 

12th October 2022  this is a Wednesday 1pm at the Sydney Opera House $90.00   per ticket (these are normally @300 per ticket) seating is in the stalls Payment date is June 1, 2022 - meeting 

Moulin Rouge 

Is opening in Melbourne shortly  not sure of the dates for Sydney as yet so watch this space 


The stage shows are starting to come back to the stage under the new regulations.

am looking forward to supporting the industry that has given us so much pleasure as I hope everyone is also looking to the arts for entertainment


The Train Timetables

We always meet in the third carriage from the front.  

09.29      Macarthur Station       

09:33     Campbelltown Station, 

09:36      Leumeah Station,            

09.39      Minto Station, 

09.43      Ingleburn Station,       

 09:46     Macquarie Fields Station,

09.51      Glenfield Station,

09.56      Holsworthy Station

Change at Central to take the light rail to the Capitol or Lyric Star City 



For Further Information Please Contact Gai by email : 

[email protected]