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The Kalgoorlie/Boulder Combined Probus Club Inc.


Elected office bearers:-

President;- Irene Thomas
Phone h 0890917991
Irene is a retired school teacher and speaks with a delightful Welsh accent. She is a keen choirist.

Secretary;- Silloo Darakhandawalla
Phone h 0890223456
Silloo is a retired school teacher and speaks with a delightful Indian accent.

Treasurer;- Betty Lamotte
Phone h 0890215356
Betty is a very committed bowling lady.

Vice-President;- Norma Hensberg
Phone h 0890933920
m 0415752813
Norma is also a highly qualified school teacher and head-mistress from Rhodesia and a business-woman from Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Liasion Officer;- Des Aitken
Phone h 0890213280
m 0418936188
E-mail;- [email protected]
Des is a retired builder and has become a wood turner/artist in wood.

Outings Officer;- Gwen Carroll
Phone m 0427569792
Gwen is an accomplished artist who has now hung up the brushes and has become an ardent traveller.

Guest Speaker Officer;- Morfwyn Mutzig
Phone h 0890213815
Morf is a retired school teacher and is a keen choir member.

Welfare;- Molly Rautenbach
Phone h 0890218638
Molly comes to us from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

Our postal address is;- PO Box 10924
Kalgoorlie WA 6433

We meet on the 3rd Friday of each month, except January, at 10am at the YMCA in YMCA Wy Kalgoorlie.