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For Our New Members


Some things about the Probus Club of Kogarah


The constitution of our club is here. This document has been created from the original constitution containing the language and the punctuation of the original document.

Some Important Matters


Members are expected to attend at least 50% of meetings in any year.  An apology should be lodged with the Secretary by members who know they are unable to attend a meeting.  Extended absences should be notified.

Sign On Sheet

Attendance at meetings and all activities is recorded on sign on sheets. These are legal documents for insurance purposes. Please ensure you indicate your attendance by signing your name on the sheet. If you have an apology for another member, please record this on the meeting sign on sheet in the apologies column.


Members are encouraged to bring visitors to meetings and outings, however after three club visits, guests are expected to decide whether or not to apply for membership. Spouses of members are classified as guests, and we strongly recommend that they become members. Indefinite visitors are not covered for insurance purposes.  

List of Members

In order to comply with privacy requirements, this Club does not publish a list of members. Committee members contact information can be found in the Contacts area and in the Newsletter.

Our Activities

We organise many activities for our members to attend.

Click on the links to see the co-ordinator for each or view Up Coming Activities.



Special Events


Outings and Day Trips

Walking Tours

How to Book for Trips, Theatre visits, Holidays etc

Sign-Up Sheet

Every Trip or Event will have a flyer and sign up sheet on display at meetings; simply print your name in the space provided to indicate your intention to take part. You will usually be asked to provide your mobile number as well.  Please put only one name per space, this makes counting easier, especially when places on a trip might be limited. 


There is a cost attached to some trips: sometimes you can pay individually at the venue on the day; at others everything needs to be paid in advance.  The club will organise a group payment. For these activities you will need to pay in advance at a club meeting. Payment by cash or cheque is acceptable. Speak with the Treasurer if you want to make payments by electronic funds transfer.  To assist our Assistant Treasurer, please put your money in an envelope and write on the outside your name, the event and the amount in the envelope. You will be given a receipt for every payment.  Please make sure you pay by the date specified.  If the venue does not give refunds for non-attenders, the club cannot do this either! 

Travel to events

Sometimes it is easiest for everyone to organise their own travel to locations in the city or near easily-accessed public transport nodes.  Sometimes, if it is suitable, we organise car pooling or a bus.  When this is done, the meeting point to join the bus is outside the St George Motor Boat Club in Sans Souci. Please do not use the club car park when we are catching a bus.  Street parking is fine.

Featured Speakers

Our Speaker's Officer, Dianne Farr, arranges for a good selection of interesting speakers to address our monthly meetings.  If you know of a speaker who would be suitable, please contact Dianne. 

10-Minute Speakers

Each meeting we like to have a club member give a 10-minute talk about something  they have done, their life and career before Probus, their hobbies, anything of the range of their experiences.  This is a popular segment, and shows the interesting and engaging members we have in this club. Dianne also organises these sessions.  


Attendance at Probus meetings and activities is covered by insurance provided by Probus South Pacific Limited (PSPL).  Part of your membership fee goes to pay for this insurance. The cover provided can be equated with Worker's Compensation Insurance.  It covers you for accidents at the activity or when travelling to or from the activity. It is not travel insurance.

Traditional travel insurance can be purchased separately from PSPL.

Lucky Door Prize

Each meeting tickets are sold for a lucky door prize.  $2.00 for three tickets buys you chances to win a variety of prizes. Invariably they are well over $2.00 in value!  Funds raised are put towards the Christmas Party.  If you can provide a suitable prize, please see Ann Tudjman.

Grab and Go

At most meetings we have a table where members can bring good but no longer wanted books, DVDs jigsaws etc for other members to take home and love! If they are still unwanted at the end of the meeting we ask that you take them home with you.

Bring and Buy

Three times a year we hold a Bring and Buy stall to raise money to subsidise our end of year party entertainment.  Members bring small items that they no longer want and they are purchased by other members.