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Welcome to the Probus Club of Kogarah

St George Motor Boat Club have advised that we are able to meet again from 16 th March with some conditions.  We are not allowed to have morning tea, sign on boards or to mingle.  When you enter the room you must sit down and remain seated, (toilet breaks are an exception of course!) You must also check into the SGMBC using the QR code.  We are able to have lunch at the club restaurant - Marina's Edge (formerly Captain's). 

Stay safe


Dates for your Diary - Please Contact Organisers to indicate you are attending

Wednesday 21st July - Christmas in July - Camden Valley Inn $75:00 

Re-scheduled to

Thursday 19th August - Christmas in July - Camden Valley Inn. $75:00


Tuesday 10th August - Monthly Picnic - E.G. Waterhouse Camelia Gardens

Tuesday 17th August - Monthly Meeting and Lunch

Thursday 19th August - Rescheduled Christmas in July

Tuesday 24th August - Monthly Walk

Tuesday 21st September - Monthly meeting and Lunch

Tuesday 28th September - Tulip Time in Bowral

Tuesday 19th October - Monthly meeting and lunch

Tuesday 16th November - Monthly meeting and lunch

Monday 6th December - Christmas Party - St George Motor Boat Club


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We thank St George Motorboat Club for the use of their meeting facilities and ongoing support.