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Booking and Paying for Activities.


All club activities and events are announced in the Monthly Bulletin.  You may book by entering your name on the registration sheet for the event when you arrive at the monthly meeting, and then pay the Treasurer who will be sitting nearby. Some events may require your menu choice to be recorded on the registration sheet.

Payments for activities and morning tea may be made before and during meetings through our Probus Club EFTPOS Terminal, or by cash or cheque.  Payment by electronic means is preferred.

If you wish, you may register on the activity sheet provided at the meeting, and indicate on the sheet that you will pay on line.  You should then make payment to the Treasurer on-line by direct transfer. Some activities/events have an RSVP date and monies must be received by this date to guarantee your attendance.

If you are not present at the meeting you may book and pay by:

  • Sending your name and any details required for the event/outing you wish to attend, to the email address shown at the end of the advertised Bulletin item, and also
  • Paying the Treasurer using direct transfer into the club bank account (numbers shown below). Make sure the Description or Remitter field includes your family name AND the name of the activity/event.  You may need to shorten this field to fit the 18 character limit still in use at some banks.  If so make sure you give the Treasurer enough information to identify your payment.


The club account is with CBA:         BSB 062 195    Account 1002 8915


You may pay online for a couple attending the same event in the one transaction, but if you are booking for more than one event, please pay for each event in a separate transaction.