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Joining East Lindfield Probus Club

To join East Lindfield Probus Club, all that you need to do is to come along to any one of our regular monthly meetings.  If you like us and would like to become a member of our club, we can give you an application form at the meeting, and when completed, your application will then be reviewed at the next monthly Management Committee meeting.

If you are planning to attend your first meeting, please contact us to confirm the date and time, and to allow us to welcome you on your arrival.  For further information please contact:

-  Secretary:      Keith  - 0427 999 063

- President:            Carol -  0419 223 484                         

-  email:                  [email protected]


Probus is for retired professional and business people (hence ‘Probus’),

Our meetings and many activities are held on weekdays, and Probus assumes that our members are retired, or semi-retired.  A key aim of Probus is to allow our members to enjoy their retirement.

The Probus core values are friendship, fellowship and fun.

  • Friendship - our meetings provide members with an opportunity to meet new people, often from other walks of life.
  • Fellowship - the opportunity for social interaction within a circle which is away from our immediate group of family and close friends.
  • Fun – meetings and activities are intended to be both enjoyable and entertaining.

Unlike our Rotary forebears, Probus is not a Service Club.  We do NOT ask for or collect donations from members or outside the club, and Probus does not establish or manage community projects.  In some clubs a sub-group of members may from time to time elect to participate in a specific community event or project when the group sees it as appropriate. (by way of example, some clubs set up a group to provide ‘meals on wheels’ voluntary drivers).