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Our Origins

Thanks to the late Jim Morrison, Life Member and former member John Harper.

The first official meeting of the Club was held on 21 April, 1981. The Club was sponsored and thus founded by the Rotary Club of Mt Gravatt. The Rotarian responsible for founding this Club was Bob Menrath who was the Community Service Director of the Rotary Club for the years 1980/82. Bob Menrath was at the time, partner in Kessels Road Veterinary Hospital.

The members of the Club’s first Management Committee were Herb Collie president, Lionel Bridge secretary, Jim Holliday vice-president and Noel Tilley treasurer. The first Management Committee held its first meeting on 9 May, 1983. Foundation president, Herb Collie was made a life member on 2 November, 1992.

The Community Service Director of the Rotary Club in 1981/82 appointed Jim Mackay and Jim Morrison (Life Member) to be liaison officer for the Probus Club.

The Club relocated its monthly general meeting to the Lions Community Centre, 95 Lister Street, Sunnybank on 14 May 1984. The meeting commencing at 9.30 am

From the beginning, the Club was run entirely by the men who held membership of the Club.  In February 1985 the wives of members became “Associate” Members.  No joining fee or yearly subscriptions applied and they had no voting rights within the Club.

In July, 2004 the Club created an additional membership classification of “Affiliate”. That person shall be a mature age female, of good standing, but will have no voting rights within the Club.  A yearly subscription was payable.

On 3 November, 2014, the club changed its ordinary membership from a male gender club to a combined gender club with both male and female ordinary members. This decision gave a better gender balance in all duties within the club, as every member would have equal rights and responsibilities.

Our adopted motto is - Not the biggest – Just the best.