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Probus Club of Nelson City

Our Club decided in March 2023 that we would no longer continue uploading images to the Club's website. In recent times, and as with Newsletters (see 'Newsletters' tab), concerns over the need to maintain privacy and confidentiality have surfaced. As it is very difficult, when photos are taken, to separate members who don't wish to have their images on the website from other members, we believe it is best to discontinue the practice of stocking the Photo Gallery altogether.

Further, many of the kinds of photos which would previously have appeared in the Photo Gallery are now included in the monthly newsletters, available to all members (when again, care is taken to respect individual members' privacy.)

(Please note: some of our Club members who appear in these photos are now deceased. We are reluctant to withdraw these images as they are an important part of the Club's history and in some cases the members in question have made important contributions to the development of the Club.)

Photos from recent events

Day-tramp to remains of Copper Smelter, Roding Valley, 17th March 2022

(All photos taken by Sally Mason)

Three-day trip to Golden Bay, October, 2020

Lunch at the band rotunda, Tarakoe (the worst weather of the Trip!)

Mussel Inn: Beer-Making

Jane's wondereful guided tour (above)

Erica supporting local industry(below)

Beer labels (below)

Lunch in the courtyard (below): Bill's thumb is playing up.

Visit to 'Healthpost', Collingwood

Visit to Tui Community near Pohara

Franz, our guide (above and below)

Lollokiki Sculpture 705

Choco.loco, Takaka

Estuary Arts, Collingwood

Prize-winning garden, Takaka Valley

Our tour guide (Heather) and our 'garden guide'

Robyn missing her dog but finding a worthy substitute (below)



Jaspers Cafe


Outing to Todmore Heritage Garden,  21st September, 2020




Above: The most important part of the outing!

Outing to Butterfly Farm, Hope, 19th February, 2020, with lunch at "Headquarters' in Brightwater.

With thanks to Kaye Emms for taking the photos.

Ian, the owner, welcomes our party

Ian briefs our party (above)

3 stages of a butterfly's life (below)

The search for Enemy Number 1: Wasps!

Here there be doves!

Morning Tea

Inside 'The Tunnel'

Lunch at 'Headquarters'

Summer BBQ and Picnic, Rabbit Island, January 23, 2020

A sunny day, good food, a swim for some and excellent company, made this '... a good day out'

 Bill, clearly happy in his work

Heather muscling in - well, 'sausaging-in' - on chef's domain

Jacqueline, Queen of the Petanque Court. Bill and Don (hidden) look on in awe

Betty, nearly 92 and still a stalwart of our summer BBQs!

Russell, a cheery companion to Betty

The sign on the hat says, "I am Michael. iIf you find me, please return me to Jacqueline!"

Swimming makes Jacqueline hungry. (This photo is digitally enhanced.) 

Margie Silich (centre) cycled from Brightwater to join us to represent Trafalgar Probus

Picnic table beginning to 'groan'

President Sally (above) with guests from another club

Xmas Lunch at 'Trailways' December 12, 2019

Good weather, food and company, plus a visit from Santa, made for a great lunchtime!

"Will the food be long?"

"No, not too long!"

A politically correct Xmas rhyme, delivered by 'politically sound' Ken and Michael.

"Mummy, why aren't Santa's eyebrows white like his beard?"

Infiltration by the 'pointy-heads'?

Santa distributes largesse but some recipients are hard to please

Santa about to depart . . . on his zimmer frame?

"Combined Club" Quiz Night, November 1, 2019

The event provided an opportunity for Club members in our area to meet and socialise with each other, exercise their mental skills and above all, have FUN!   

One of our two teams. The wine bottle in front of Bill may explain why we failed to win!

Members of our other team look pensive.

Heather works her magic on the scoreboard

Tie-break needed following the final round: both teams on 47 points!

Following the tie-break, the winning team! Congratulations to Trafalgar Probus, whose teams came 1st and 2nd, and to Tasman Bay Friendship Society, whose team came a worthy third! 

After the fierce, competition: supper!

Although the Quiz was not intended as a 'fund-raiser,' entry-fee contributions supported a healthy donation - $170.00 - to Age Concern 

Kaikoura Trip, October 19-21, 2019

Blenheim Market

Sue and Robyn 'interrogating' a stallholder

Yealand's Wine Estate, Seddon

Yealand's 4-legged mowers

Picnic-lunch spot, Yealand's

Bob telling chicken, "I didn't come on this trip to be hen-pecked!"

Winterhome Garden, near Kekerengu

Our host, providing backgound on the establishment and history of the Garden

Wonderful home and garden frontage!

Robyn and Ken

Marie and Mike's 'behinds'; Sorry 'Marie and Mike from behind'!

Don is 'snappy happy'!

Rose and Coryn at the 'hole in the wall'


Heather counting avocados

Would you call this a 'folly'?

Composite photo (Thank you, Sally and Don!)

The Store, Kekurengu

Photo to come, hopefully!

Donegal House

Ian, the 'hoarse whisperer'

Lovely views from our rooms

Heather: "Why do people disappear when it's time to settle their bills?"


Museum: Well worth a visit

Bev and non-compliant camera

Mike's 'selfie' with Seaward Kaikouras in background

Ken admiring the view

Flying High

Penny and Paul looking forward to their trip.

Preparing to board

Take-Off (Mission sucessful: two humpback whales spotted)

Peninsula Walk (for Coryn, Sally and Don)

Don and Coryn at South Bay entrance to Walkway  

Coryn's 'Wet-Ones'

Wildflowers 1

Wildflowers 2

Sally and Coryn

Peninsula Walk composite photo (again, thanks to Sally and Don)

The Old Convent

A graceful 'lady' fallen on hard times

Lavendyl Kaikoura Lavender Garden

"It's complicated!"

"High Tea" 1

"High Tea" 2

Train Ride, Kaikoura to Blenheim

Briefing from "Tour Director Heather": "Please don't get lost on the train!"

Sue, Bev, Rose and Penny, checking the menu

Pelorus garden and vintage vehicles visit (with High Tea provided!)

Our group alongside a   .  .   . yellow vintage truck(?)

"Iron Dog"

Basket of goodies

Finger-lickin' Sue (Rose is collateral damage for this photo)

Bruce helping to 'clear the table'

Cycling Club Ride to Rabbit Island, 16th October 

Organiser Ken explains the road rules

A very successful outing: no spoke left unturned

Birthday Party, July, 2019

Pat Pepperell, one of our most senior (and liveliest!) members, cut the birthday cake

Visit to new Pic's Peanut Butter Factory

A lot of 'high tech' in evidence here . . .

. . . but sometimes the old ways are the best ways!

West Coast Trip, April 9-11, 2019

Aproximately a dozen of us spent 2 nights /3 days on the Coast, in glorious early autumn weather.

We visited: Carter's Beach: Hokitika (including the eels and kiwi); Blackball (including lunch at the 'Hilton'); the Pike River Memorial; and completed a forest canopy walk.

Due to heavy rain which preceded our trip, we were unable to visit the Hokitika Gorge, so that will have to wait for the next trip to the magnificent West Coast.



Sign in the 'Hilton"

Blackball Museum & Pub

Combined clubs picnic/BBQ - Rabbit Island - January 2019

The weather for this summer picnic was much more stable in previous years. There was no doubt that the picnic/BBQ was going to go ahead this time! We learned a lot from the previous year's efforts, providing - along with TDC - more shade and more activities, notably petanque (which was a great 'hit' despite the unneven ground). The fire ban meant that we were unable to use the standing wood-fired barbeques, much to the disappointment of our more pyromaniacal members! However, small, portable, stoves were provided by some of those attending and this proved adequate. 'Buy in' to the event from other clubs was excellent and people from different clubs seemed to mix well.


It was a great effort by Russell and Betty (below) to attend. 

Pauline Boyd, "The gift of music," Xmas 2017

Pierre in action at his easel!


Visit to Pics Peanut butter factory and Pomeroys - May 25 2017

Pre-tour briefing

Taste testing

Packed product ready for despatch

Peanut roasting in the background and fresh crunchy peanut butter being delivered in bulk

The bottling line

Taste testing fresh, hot roasted peanuts


Tour wrap-up

An assortment of Pics products

Watching the video




Visit to Brook Waimarama Sanctuary - April 27 2017

Christmas Luncheon - December 8 2016

Garden Marlborough Festival: November 2016

It is really very tame

..including a swing for the young at heart!

Somebody got wet feet in creating these photos for you...




A house with presence



The one on the left is not a member of our club....


Visit to the Nelson Aviation College in Motueka: August 2016


Our 9th Birthday Party , July 2016

Russell Knapp officiates at the cake-cutting ceremony



Mystery Tour, February 2016: A combined outing with Stoke/Tahuna Ladies 

(The location of the mystery tour remains a mystery. Just as well, we might repeat the tour - if anyone can remember where it was!)


Earlier Photos from Our Albums*

(*These will 'build' with time.)


Joan Savage, our first President, 1990

Golden Bay Trip, September 2010


Tophouse, St. Arnaud Trip, March, 2015