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Probus Club of Nelson City



The Probus Club of Nelson City is a vibrant and energetic club with an enthusiastic membership. It was formed in 2007 from separate mens and womens Probus clubs and has subsequently gone from strength to strength.

Our club is open to both men and women approaching or beyond retirement age. Current membership is around 90-100, with strong attendance at the monthly meetings and other activities which are detailed elsewhere on this website.

Members are mostly drawn from Nelson, Stoke and Richmond areas of our region, though some travel from further afield.

The format for monthly meetings includes a guest speaker on a topical subject, a raffle and information about upcoming activities.  Morning tea is provided by the Golf Club caterers providing an opportunity for members to socialise and welcome new members.

A variety of activities are planned for each month. Whilst the day trips and multiple day trips are very popular, members also look forward to our other events such as picnics, visits to local restaurants and theatre outings.  Outings are arranged as bus trips, by car or car pooling.