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                Welcome to the Combined Probus Club of Paradise Point Inc.



Probus is a local, national, and international association of retired people who come together in non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit, autonomous clubs which provide regular opportunities for members to meet others in similar circumstances, with similar levels of interest, make new friends and maintain and expand their interests.

Probus exists to fill a need of retired persons in the community who have been accustomed to vocational activity in their working lives. The principal objective of Probus is to create and maintain a homogeneous group that provides the fellowship and intellectual stimulation that otherwise tends to be lost in retirement. Most importantly you will make new friends with whom to share in the many enjoyable events the Club has to offer.

Visitors are welcome to attend the Club's meetings and to participate in its outings, activities and tours.  It is Club policy, however, to request visitors who attend a meeting and two or more activities to advise if they intend to apply for membership.


Members and visitors meet at 09:30 for 10:00am on the first Tuesday of the months of February to October inclusive, with the November meeting being held on the fourth Tuesday of that month.  While General Meetings are not held in December nor January, the Club holds its festive Christmas luncheon on the first Tuesday in December.  

The Club meets at the Runaway Bay Seagulls Rugby League Club at 225 Morala Avenue, Runaway Bay 4216.  After dealing briefly with general business and learning of the upcoming planned outings and activities Members break for morning tea.   This is followed by several lucky draws and by a guest speaker who gives a presentation on his or her specialist subject. 

At the conclusion of each Meeting many Members stay on at at Seagulls for luncheon.  Seagulls has a comprehensive and well-priced menu, with discounted prices for its supporters which many of the Club's members are as well as a selection of seniors' meals.


Management Committee

The present Management Committee comprises nine Members.  The Committee meets on the last Tuesday of the months January to September and the third Tuesday of November.