AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287


The Combined Probus Club of Paraparaumu is a group of active men and women who no longer work full time, and get together for friendship and fun. We are non-political, non-sectarian and not a fund-raising body.   The Club meets on the Third Tuesday of each month at the Ocean Road Community Centre (45 Ocean Road, Paraparaumu) from 10am to 11:45am.  We have about 120 members, both women and men - hence the word “Combined” in our title. 

We start each meeting with club notices and coming events, which are followed by a member's  short talk of approximately 5-10 minutes. After a tea/coffee break of about 20 minutes  we have a guest speaker from outside the Club.  

Our club has a wide range of activities to choose from offering opportunities for friendship and enjoyment. In addition to monthly meetings of the whole club,  each week also brings  other smaller group activities such as those undertaken by members interested in walking, leisure, epicurean and artistic pursuits.  Members who may wish to contribute to our community are also encouraged to participate in terms of leading Club activities and management.

If you would like to join our Club, please contact us at <[email protected]and one of our committee members will be in touch to answer your questions.  Alternatively,  you would be most welcome to attend a monthly meeting  as a visitor. We are always delighted to share our Club experience with potential members, so you would be made very welcome. 

There is an annual subscription fee of $35 which includes Probus South Pacific member affiliation, morning tea/coffee and biscuits at monthly meetings as well as insurance cover whilst engaged in Probus Club activities.

We look forward to hearing from you.